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Hello there!

My name is Miranda.  I am married to a man with curly hair and have a daughter who is named after a flower.  I am a native of Idaho and have recently returned after living in Denver for four years.  This blog started out with the intention of becoming a crafty, recipe-y, DIY-y sort of blog.  Now I mostly just write about my kid.  And to be fair, my kid is pretty rad.

I am constantly concerned that I am using commas incorrectly and I say "crap" a lot.  I narrate my life on this blog and I am so very happy that you have stopped by to read.  Please be sure to say hello.

Also, if you're curious:
I knit
I read
I pinterest

I am also an Amazon affiliate which means I earn a commission or 'referral fee' for all links resulting in purchases from Amazon.com
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