02 October 2009

My name is Miranda, and this is my About Page

My name is Miranda.
I used to go by Mandy.
I grew up in southern Idaho.
I'm married to N8tr0n.
That's not his name.
I don't think that's legal spelling.
Now we live in Colorado.
Near Denver.
Really near.
We have a daughter.
And a dog.
Our daughter is bald.
So her head is really soft.
Her eyes are a vivid blue.
I think I'm a really good mother.
I want more kids.
I want like, a million more kids.
I like to cook and bake.
I used to hate baking but now I love it.
I like to eat.
And take pictures of my food.
I like to knit.
And collect yarn.
I like to sew.
And collect fabric.
And collect paper.
I think about scrapbooking.
I think I like to collect projects.
I don't like to start projects and quit when they're 2/3 done.
But I do it anyway.
I like to take pictures.
I have a Masters degree in Speech Language Pathology.
Sometimes I use it.
I like working with kids from 0-3 years old.
I like reading.
Historical fiction is my favorite.
Now that I'm a "grown up" I read more non-fiction.
I'm almost 28.
I have no recollection of being 26.
28 doesn't seem as "grown up" to me as it used to.
I stay up too late.
I sleep in too late.
I wear lots of t-shirts.
I just started wearing makeup.
I used to be blonde.
But now my hair is dark brown, with red streaks.
And I have bangs.
I love my family.
And they love me.
I consider myself very blessed.



Kimberlee said...

And aren't you just lovely with your dark brown hair, red streaks and bangs!

siberianluck said...

I tried to sing that whole thing to the tune of "Luka"... it didn't work very well.

Jenny n' Sam said...

This was awesome! I love little lists like that. Very impresive.

michelle said...

I think I like to collect projects, too!

I think it's most impressive that you want a million more kids, considering your postpartum depression experience. You're a brave girl!

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