06 May 2008

...but I loved being a stay-at-home-mom

My life as a stay-at-home-mom. How sweet it was.

Once I got the hang of breast-feeding.

Once I stopped getting mastitis.

Once I got medication for my postpartum depression.

How sweet it was.

So basically, 8 or 9 weeks into my 12 week leave I finally got the hang of being a mom. I actually was able to successfully put Little Z on a schedule. I cleaned my house while she napped and started picking up projects again. We went grocery shopping together. We went for long walks with the dog.

And now it is time to go back to work, and I'm very apprehensive about it. I will admit that when I went to the office today it was nice to "talk therapy" with a few of my co-workers; and, I am looking forward to seeing my kidos again. However, every time I wake my baby up from her nap and she flashes that winning smile...I just can't imagine why I shouldn't be the one waking her up from every nap.

Wish me luck.


judiroso said...

Oh Miranda, I read thru this entry and it was like reliving my first months with Ronan, mastitis, and medication included. I am glad you already know it gets better! The most joy I've ever known and the most heartache, like the first day I dropped Ronan off at the babysitter's (aka my sister's!) and cried the whole 40 minutes to work!

noisy penguin said...

I will wish you good luck, because I know I'm going to cry the first day I go back to work. A lot. You can do it! You're a strong lady.

The Tulett Family said...

I remember the day I went back to work. I cried. It's hard, but it gets easier. Audrey absolutely loves going to Kyla's house to play( our neighbor).

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