11 June 2008

One Success and Off To Bed

So after a grueling day of being chronically late, stuffy nosed, thirsty, hungry, and generally cranky, I made it to my last appointment. I decided to stop at Good Times for an *ahem* fountain drink to help me keep from collapsing while working with a kiddo I knew would be bouncing off the walls. It was fortunate foresight because apparently the little man was having a day similar to mine.

After I followed him around his house for about 30 minutes determined to get SOMETHING out of him, he finally lost it. He threw himself down on the floor and gave mom and I front row seats to a finely crafted two-year-old tantrum. Head banging, fists flying, legs kicking. In a moment of brilliance I grabbed the big bouncy ball we had been playing with and made a floor-kiddo-ball sandwich followed by some fancy occupational therapy stuff that Neve taught me. Calmed the kid right down. (sensory activities are magical that way)

At that moment I picked up a car that was sitting next to me. Kiddo, while still laying on his back, signals to me that he wants that car. No no no...he WANTS THAT CAR. But he already has two cars in his hands. AHA! Let's learn about sharing.

I offer to give him my car if he gives me one of his. Unacceptable. He lets me know again he WANTS THAT CAR. Similar bargaining by the mean therapist, similar refusal by the stubborn toddler. Another tantrum erupts. I keep my cool and while kiddo is crying I lay down next to him and explain that "we have to share if we're going to be friends...I'm sorry that's just the way it is." Kiddo stops crying long enough to look me in the eyes and hear me say "that's how we roll."

Kiddo hands me one of his cars.

Mom roars with laughter and said, "Oh Miranda, that was cute."



Chanc Nicole said...

Impressive. It sounds like you have quite the job. You'll have to explain to us who don't know exactly what you do, what it is that you do. :) Good luck and I hope you have a better day at work.

Jaime said...

wow. I'm making all sorts of mental notes for when Ashtyn gets bigger. While adorable and sweet, she is also awfully independent and stubborn, so we'll see what happens when she turns 2.

Miranda said...

Oh no Chance! I forgot to tell you I wanted to be added to your blog before you went private! Can you add me? walker DOT miranda AT gmail DOT com

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