23 November 2008

This is for you Nikki and Garianne.

You Twilight girls are cracking me up! I knew the movie was coming out this weekend and had made plans to see it but alas, it was not meant to be. So I was all the more eager to read some movie reviews because I KNEW many bloggers would be writing about it this weekend. I just wasn't prepared for the almost peeing-themselves excitement that a couple of my friends had. Haha.

However, I would like to take this opportunity to say that I'm proud of all the drooly Edward lovers out there for going out to have fun with their friends and see a movie a million times just like we did when we were teeny-boppers. And, good job for reading four fairly large books lickety-split several times over. Because the fact of matter is, sometimes you need a break. And the books are good. Yeah I read them, and I liked them so shutup.

Look! I made these cookies for you!

I'm sorry you're not here to enjoy them with me. I got the idea from CRAFT: before Halloween but I majorly sucked at making them the first time. This time I just substituted my mom's sugar cookie recipe and added a little almond extract. The jam didn't melt through the "bite holes" quite as well because my recipe wasn't as buttery but it didn't take much to dress them up a bit. (Sorry about the poor lighting by the way...I didn't want to wait for natural vampire sparkling sunlight)

I used a pumpkin cookie cutter to cut them out...kind of because it's almost Thanksgiving but mostly because it's the most-round cookie cutter I have. N8tr0n pointed out to me that these were more like Bunnicula cookies. You know, the book you read in 3rd grade about the vampire bunny that sucked the life out of vegetables. Well, I thought that was an awesome suggestion and also N8tr0n is HILARIOUS.

So then I thought I should make a different shape and noticed that I had a squirrel cookie cutter. "Hey! I could make squirrels because Edward is like a 'vegetarian' vampire and he drinks animal blood!" Then I remembered that he likes mountain lions or something big like that so he probably wouldn't even bother (or like) to drink squirrel blood and I'm going to stop writing now.



eaumaison said...

Bunnicula rocks

The Goldade's said...

HA!HA! You are too freakin funny! It's getting a little out of control this fascination I have for Edward and the Cullens...my husband has about had it! Thanks for the shout out...it's fun to get lost in the story and away from real life! :) You're a doll!

Hewards said...

Those look deliciousO! Thanks for thinkin of me Mand. After I wrote that post I was kind of embarrassed, but what do ya do! Whenever I try to get snuggly with my hubby lately he just rolls his eyes and says, "I'm NOT Eward!" Hopeless I say!

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