03 December 2008

Crash Landing

Look who crashed into my tree the other day!

Okay he didn't actually land in my yard, I made him with this pattern from the very creative Hilary at Wee Wonderfuls. Couldn't you just die from the adorable-ness? This little guy was supposed to be a Christmas present for my nephew Mr. Poop; however, Z-cakes promplty claimed it as her own by grabbing it and slobbering all over it. Keep in mind that this is an improvement from her previous method of claiming items which was grabbing them and barfing on them.

So, I shall be making a new bunny for Mr. Poop. Actually, I think I will make him a few bunnies...I'll make Z-cakes a few bunnies too so that when they get together they can have an army of fighter pilot bunnies. Yes, yes. I'm not worried about spoiling his Christmas surprise by posting a picture here on my blog because he's like 5 months old you guys.

In other felting news, look at the stack of felt I bought at Fancy Tiger a few weeks ago.

*sniff* Isn't it..*sniff* beautiful? Z-cakes is going to have felt food coming out of her eyeballs.



Serin said...

LOL I love how you pose your creations.

Have you seen the knitted fruit that my sister made my boys? Too cute!

noisy penguin said...

OH. MY. GOSH. This is awesome. I love the pictures too.

Jason & Makenna said...

Absolutely Fabulous! I love, love, love the superhero mask. I bought tons of felt with great intentions to make some monster finger puppets and sadly enough have yet to do it. This post has inspired me.

michelle said...

Oh, you make felt food? I want to do that!

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