02 April 2009

Five Favorite Things

I recently ventured back into the scrapbooking community after about a nine year hiatus. Newsflash: It has changed since I worked at the scrapbook shop in high school. To say the least, it is deeply overwhelming. In fact, it is so overwhelming that I was preparing myself to give up on the craft entirely and shove my pictures into some nice sleeve-ed photo albums. It was tough though. I would stare at my pile of scrapbooking supplies and photos, practically untouched since high school and try to decide what to get rid of. Finally one day, I decided it could all go...I was ready to let it go.

Of course I hopped on the internet to read a few blogs first.

That was when I read this post by Hilary about digital scrapbooking. DIGITAL scrapbooking? What is that? Is it better than when I was in high school too? Well of course it is.

"Well crap." I thought to myself. "I'm hooked already. I guess I'll be learning all there is to learn about digital scrapbooking." Thanks a lot Hilary.

Fast forward about nine months and here I am. I still haven't gotten rid of my old scrapbooking stuff though it has been sorted through and decreased dramatically. I'm intrigued by the idea of hybrid scrapbooking and have thus been thrown (willingly) back into the tangible scrapbooking world. My friend Barbie helped me quell my anxiety by loaning me a bunch of idea books and telling me to copy any of the layouts that I liked with my own photos and paper. Brilliant.

Okay that was like the longest intro ever to my project. After discovering the Ali Edwards' E-zine articles (a million years after she started them...yeah I hear all of you scrapbookers saying it) I was inspired to try the mini album challenge of documenting your five favorite things using wallet sized photos. And so I give you, my first tangible, completed, hybrid project since I shuffled back into this crazy cutting and pasting hobby:


Thing 1: My BALD baby

Thing 2: Wednesdays with Charlotte

Thing 3: My hair color (not pictured)

Thing 4: My flip

Thing 5: Gossie (Z-cakes' least favorite book)

My only rule for this project was that I was not allowed to by ANY new product to make it. I succeeded, though I did have to steal the ring off a set of incomplete measuring spoons to hold it together. Ha! What do you think? Not bad for a new-beginner eh? eh?


Crystal said...

That is so cute! I haven't got much into hybrid scrapping yet, but I love digital!

Serin said...


Hil said...

SO CUTE! As easy as digital scrapbooking is... it can never beat the detail and adorableness (is that a word?) of actual scrapbooking.

P.S. That digital scrapbooking convention looks like a blast. I'll have to check into it some more... are you going? Is it too late to register? Sorry I'm so lame and took so long to reply.

LeonaBea said...

Adorable, and very rewarding huh?

When you come to my place in June I'll have to show you my solution to using all of those printed photos in the pre-digital days...

I never thought I'd let myself not have time to scrap, but dang it just happened!

Spencer and Kimberlee said...

ADORABLE! And I love that you have a page that says, "Fight the Frump"! Totally made me laugh. I also love Gossie. I bet Z-cakes will like it in due time. Brynlee really likes the books because they are short and the words correspond to the pictures so she can read (memorize) it herself.

Denise said...

I love it! You need to come to the private crop nights that Barbie and I have with a couple of other friends at the CropShop in Arvada. I'll let you know when our next one will be. I also love that one of your favorite things is "Wednesdays with Charlotte." :)

michelle said...

Cute! I love your bald baby, too! Man, she is adorable.

I also love that Wednesdays with Charlotte made the list. And Fight the Frump.

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