19 May 2009

I Think it is Safe to Post These Now

I made these altered Altoids Tins for my mom and mother-in-law for Mother's Day. Of course they were late because I think I decided to start making them the evening of Mother's Day (oops.) This was a really fun project, especially with all the Mod Podge I got to use. I always think about how it's a good thing I didn't even know about Mod Podge until I was in High School. I'm pretty sure I would have convinced myself that it would be a good idea to Mod Podge my entire bedroom if I had been introduced to it when I was younger.

Anyway...on to the pictures:



I have to say that in some cases, now that my mothers are grandmothers it has gotten much easier to think of presents for them. I mean...if it has pictures of the babies it's pretty safely going to be a hit. I'm not trying to say that our mothers love our kids more than they do us...it's just that they're wondering if we could get out of the way so they can see the baby better on the webcam.



Many of the tins you see on the internet have accordion style albums inside of them but I decided to fill mine with loose wallet sized photos. That way the Grandmas can continually add pictures and trinkets to them.

Many thanks to Korbi for this lovely tutorial. I frequently ask email her for urgent creative help and she is always to quick to reply.

(Here's one thing that I learned while making these. WAIT TO MOD PODGE. I know it is so fun and you think you're absolutely positive that you have everything they way you want it but the fact is, you probably don't. And trust me...it is hard to make stamping ink stay on Mod Podge. Also, you will ruin fewer brushes because you won't be smothering them in glue and then running upstairs to find that one perfect embelishment that you forgot to add and then end up checking the spaghetti and changing the baby and coming back later that night to find a Mod Podged sponge brush. Trust me on this one.)



Denise said...

Those are SO CUTE! Proof positive that you need to come to our next crop night--though I'm not sure when that will be. I'll keep you posted.

michelle said...

Great idea. And you are so right about the gift ideas getting easier when there are grandchildren!

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