09 May 2009

Speaking of Dr. Horrible

N8tr0n and I went to Idaho a couple of weeks ago and we brought along our copy of Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog in case non of our friends there had seen it. I was quite troubled to find that ummm....NONE of them had seen it. Unfortunately, we were only able to watch it with the Whipple family during our short stay.

Now...I know that sometimes when you and a group of your friends really like something, you assume that everybody else knows about it. This seems to happen a lot with our friends and internet-based phenomena. So, I wanted to make sure that I'm not neglecting any of my friends here in Denver who may not have heard of Dr. Horrible. If by some crazy random happen-stance you have not seen this lovely musical in three acts, please call me. I will happily invite you over so you can watch it on our big man TV. Or, you can download it on itunes. Or watch it on hulu. The choice is yours but please, don't miss out. I promise you will love it.



Serin said...

you have neglected me. NEVER heard of it! :o

Laurel said...

I love Dr. Horrible. Neil Patrick Harris + Nathan Fillion = AWESOME.

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