13 September 2009

A week worth noting....

Three times last week I got up and ran with my friend April.
I ran in the morning.
I ran at 5:45 in the morning.
Three times.

running shoes

When I was a little girl my mom decided to put me in afternoon kindergarten. I wasn't much of a morning person. As I grew there were many resolutions to "get up earlier" and "get a good start on my day." These well intentioned endeavors went great at first. The first week of school I made it to every student council meeting on time. I showed up in something other than pajama pants to my Anatomy and Physiology classes for six entire days in college. I had mascara on in the morning when I started a new job. But inevitably I would begin to sleep in...just a few more minutes...then a few minutes more. Mr. Silva wouldn't even notice I wasn't at the meeting. Who's gonna notice a girl in pajamas in a class of 200? I put mascara on yesterday...five more minutes in bed. Or heck...two more hours in bed. NOT A MORNING PERSON.

I even thought that as a new mom, I would HAVE to get up early. Babies love waking up early in the morning right? Not my blessed Z-cakes. She was never one of those babies who wanted a 5:00 AM feeding. And now she's content to sit in her crib and sing until her slothful parents decide to peel themselves out of bed and bring her back to the big bed for some "family time." (I know there are some of you shaking your fists at me right now. A baby who sleeps in--I KNOW. It's like N8tr0n and I made her or something right? Maybe that is the answer. Maybe it's YOUR fault that your baby wakes up to early! Quit yelling at me. You know the next kid I have isn't even going to need sleep of any form...I'll get what's coming to me I'm sure.)

Of course I covet all of you early risers out there. I can't imagine all the things you get done in the hours before I'm even stirring. It's probably why your houses are so clean. Why your scrapbooks are all caught up. Why your carpet is always vacuumed and your dog smells so sweet. You people GET STUFF DONE. And I applaud you. I'm just not willing to join you.

Until now apparently.

April has been running with her friend Lilly for quite some time now. Numerous times she has explained that early in the morning is the ONLY time she has to exercise. Before her husband goes to work, before her three little munchkins are awake, before she's baking and cleaning and driving and saving the world. The morning is the only time she has. And numerous times I've brushed her off and said, -sorry-TOO EARLY-. Finally, two weeks ago when I was complaining about never being able to work out and being unhappy with my body and not being able to afford a jogging stroller April told me in her loving way that "IT WAS TIME TO BUCK UP AND COME RUNNING WITH HER IN THE MORNING ." Of course you know how this story ends.

On Tuesday morning my alarm went off at 5:15. I knew that I would need a buffer in order to make it to Crown Hill by 5:45. I WAS SO TIRED AND QUITE POSSIBLY THE ONLY PERSON AWAKE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD EXCEPT LILLY AND APRIL.

But I got out of bed.
I put on my favorite running shoes.
I stepped out into the perfectly crisp air
And I ran.
And I kind of loved it.

The most miraculous part is that I got up and ran the next two consecutive days! I was so sore after the second day that I thought I would die if Z-cakes jumped onto my lap one more time. But after just one more day of running the soreness had subsided. I was able to run farther than I usually would while running by myself because I couldn't handle the peer pressure and embarrassment of stopping. (Fortunately April wasn't inviting me to smoke early in the morning with her.) (April doesn't smoke, just for the record.) I was starting to feel what it was like to run again.

Crown Hill edited

One week down.
Now all I have to do is keep setting my alarm, and keep getting out of bed.
Morning person: I will be you.
I'm not you yet. But I will be. Might be.
Wish me luck.



michelle said...

I'm impressed! I don't think it's easy for anyone to get up at 5:45. Not me, anyway. And yes, I'm shaking my fist at you for having a baby that sleeps in -- none of my babies were sleepers. It takes my kids until about age 8 to decide they want to sleep in.

I'm cracking up over you being relieved that April didn't exert negative peer pressure.

April said...

Let's stick with 'will be' a morning person... :)

I only extended the invitation to come because I want you to be happy, I think running helps.

As for the peer pressure thing, I am with Michelle cracking up over here.

emily said...

That's so awesome! Let me know what waking-up tricks work for you, because I always have such a hard time getting up on time. I often have excellent intentions, but then I too feel like I'm the only person in Provo awake, and it's dark and cold and my bed is really warm, and before long I'm pushing it for making to class on time, let alone doing anything productive before I leave the house. Man, I would kill to be a morning person. Good luck! It's good to know that someone else is working on this now, too.

Kimberlee said...

I loved this post. Funny. True. And then funny again. Let me how week two goes. :)

And Crown Hill at 6:30am is so worth getting out of bed for. BEAUTIFUL!

kelly said...

i am so not a morning person either. but i have to agree. for exercise purposes, it's early morning or bust, at least for me. if i'm not up at the crack of dawn and out the door, it just ain't gonna happen.

congrats on making it one week,keep it up!

Pamski said...

Good for you for lacing up the Asics and gettin' out there!! If you ever want to sleep in and run later in the day, call me. I run the greet belt most every day.

Anonymous said...

You are awesome! And those aren't just empty words. Coming from a fellow non-morning person, I applaud you because I know what it takes to drag yourself out of bed when it's still dark outside--or even just beginning to become light. Woo hoo You!

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