13 October 2009

"Keep Working...Go! Go! Go!"

I've set up a tiny crafting sweatshop in my basement tonight, which in Michelle's words is the kind of sweatshop I can get behind! Of course I am my only employee as Z-cakes' bedtime is 7:00 and she's slightly underage. I think I'll probably wait until she turns two before I let her run the rotary cutter.

I can't tell you what I'm making right now but I can tease you with a picture of some packaging labels I made the other day. These labels will be put to good use when my crafting is complete.

Halloween Labels

My plan is to work well into the night if necessary. I have way too much to do before our little family getaway (!) and I'm hoping that once I get in the groove things will go quickly. Although, I'm rarely able to stick to one craft-task when I have free time. I'm usually jumping from the sewing machine, to some stamping, then I'm off to type up a blog (ahem). Sometimes I love multi-tasking my crafts, but more often, I'm annoyed by my craft ADD.

I'm watching Project Runway on my sweet entertainment system that N8tr0n rigged up for me down here. I find myself completely smitten with Tim Gunn and can already tell I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH EPISODES. Why must they put so few episodes on a disk? WHY must we only get one DVD at a time from Netflix? WHY?! (Thanks to Laurel for shaming me into watching PR by the way. {Laurel, apparently I will watch any show that you tell me to even if I tell you that I already follow too many TV shows. You should use that power wisely...great responsibility and all}).

Aaaaaanyway, since most of you have stopped reading by now, I guess I'll wrap things up. I plan on sharing pictures of the booty I create tonight as well as my favorite ideas for Halloween decorations this year. In the meantime, take a look at my paper crafting table, and be horrified:




michelle said...

I love Project Runway!! Sounds like maybe you need to upgrade Netflix so you can get more than one at a time...

If you need new shows: do you watch House? LOVE it. My new favorite show is The Closer. I never thought I would like it, but my sis-in-law recommended it. We love it.

michelle said...

p.s. I love being quoted, that never happens!

Staci said...

Maam, stop what you're doing and step away from that pile. That's obviously too much creativity for one space.

Kimberlee said...

The labels, um, there fabulous!

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