15 October 2009

Sweatshop Closed + Winner

The sweatshop is currently closed for a very long weekend. I'm now making way for a cleaning crew that will be here all day cleaning the house top to bottom and preparing our family for a brief jaunt to Seattle.

Uh..yeah. That cleaning crew is me. Again I am the sole employee. I just don't feel comfortable handing Z-cakes the toilet bowl cleaner YET. Even if it is Mrs. Meyers (lavender please). Plus, they don't make rubber gloves in size 2T...I checked.

Anyway, do you want to see what I was making? Well here you go! Tah-dah!


Oh Miranda...they're lovely. Those little, squares of...Halloween, fabric.

Okay, here's a better picture.


They're coasters! Yay Coasters! No cup rings around here!


I swiped all of this great fabric from my mom's stash while we were in Idaho. These coasters were first on the list of my Halloween decorating extravaganza and I'm so happy that I actually got around to making them. They're so satisfying to make and they lend themselves well to an assembly line type of production.


And here they are all packaged up, awaiting delivery to friends and family. You didn't think I was going to keep all of those coasters for myself did you? I'll admit it. I was tempted. But I'm pretty sure we don't have enough cups for that many coasters. And I know we DEFINITELY don't have the furniture space to place that many drinks upon. So, my friends win out on this one. Maybe I will have an extra package for one of you sweet commenters? Maybe?

***And now for my first ever giveaway winner. The random.org number generator chose number sixteen which means Greeneyes you are the winner! Please send me your contact info so that I can get you hooked up with your PenguinBot swag!



emily said...

Those are awesome! Halloween decorations are definitely something I look forward to making in my own home someday. Enjoy your festive preventers of rings! (Not like it will be too hard.)

michelle said...

Yay, you made coasters! Watch out, it's addictive.

Greeneyes said...

No WAY. I knew I liked your blog.

Kimberlee said...

With all that talent you should be able to whip up a pair of rubber gloves in size 2T. And when you do will ya sew me a pair of 3T and 12 months, mkay. Oh, and maybe like a men's medium.

Serin said...

You crack me up! I was totally thinking at the first picture "what the heck ARE those?" lol

Petit Elefant said...

Oh, you clever thing!

I can't quilt or any semblance to it, it drives me mad.

Denise said...

SO cute! Though, I don't know which I like better--the coasters themselves, or the DARLING TAGS.

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