04 October 2009

Welcome Welcome Sabbath Morning

Our family eats waffles quite often on the weekends thanks to this mix, and my generous mother.

Sticky Baby

Even though we get to eat them a lot, we still consider them a treat on the weekends. Especially when we have left over cream to whip.

First time licking the beater

Of course, everything is better when you have company.

Sharing beaters

Happy Kevan

N8tr0n's brother Kevan is visiting for a couple of weeks. More about his recent adventure later.



michelle said...

Oh, that picture of your sweet little one and her uncle melts my heart!

Kimberlee said...

And just for the record I'm lovin' the posting more often thing.

Staci said...

Hey - that's the mix I use. Again - we must be related. I decided to make a batch of waffles from scratch, and although they were delish, they just weren't worth the effort. And we do the whipped cream thing on waffles too. Yum Yum Yum!

Anonymous said...

Yum. I feel pretty bad that I didn't make breakfast today--and it was every Conference Sunday. To make up for what I lack, Scott made root beer cheese bread, which contrary to how it sounds, is delicious! Love your blogs--love you!

Anonymous said...

even conference Sunday, not every conference Sunday. Shame on the English teacher for not proofing. ;-)

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