09 November 2009

Shoulda been a....

(Note: Yesterday Pioneer Woman linked to my blog FROM HER BLOG! Am incredibly flattered. It was so fun to watch my site reader climb to heights it had never seen before. Quite exciting for an itsy-bitsy blogger like myself. Thanks Ree!)

(Note x 2: So many thanks for your kind comments and emails regarding depression. You are all so sweet and supportive, and it is nice to be reminded that I am not alone. Blog hugs to all of you.)

And now...on to the regularly scheduled post:

This morning heralds the newest season of Sesame Street and Z-cakes and I have front couch seats, munching on our Me-meal (oatmeal) and Shredded Wheat, respectively. Am watching it right now as a matter of fact. We've been looking forward to this day for quite some time. Not that we haven't enjoyed the re-runs featuring Neil Patrick Harris, Brian Williams, and Will Arnett; we are just eager to see some new cameos and maybe watch Murray and Ovejita go to a new type of school.

Speaking of Murray, I must say that the sketch Murray Had a Little Lamb is one of my favorites. I love the way Murray interacts with the children and teachers at each school and can only imagine how over the moon I would have been if Murray had visited my school when I was a little girl. Not to mention the fact that I love yelling Escuela! the way Ovejita does when I am driving a little friend of mine to Kindergarten.

I was quite amazed at how an episode where Murray and Ovejita go to art school had my mind racing for the rest of the day. Art school! Yes! ART SCHOOL! Why didn't I go to art school? I found myself immediately jealous of the kids as they swept their oil pastels over the paper and dabbed at watercolor paintings suspended from easels. I TOTALLY should have gone to art school! That teacher is telling Murray about collage...I used to LOVE collage! My entire room was practically a collage from junior high until well, college...why did I stop doing that?

Now to be more precise, I ended up spending most of the day thinking about graphic design. Oh how I covet you graphic designers. Mastering InDesign and working freelance jobs while your baby naps...obsessing over fonts and perfectly placed text. I often think to myself that if I ever went back to school, first of all, it would be because I was crazy, and second of all, it would be to study graphic design. Then I think to myself, "now Miranda...you have a perfectly good *ahem* Master's degree that you barely even use! Why don't you wear that one out first and THEN you can think about going back to school?" Fortunately those practical thoughts don't stop a girl from dreaming. Dreaming of a job completely different from my current one; dreaming of learning something new; and, dreaming of turning an interest into a skill.

Maybe someday I'll have the motivation/resources to pursue this mild obsession I've acquired. In the meantime, I'll perfect my butterfly drawing skills fifty times a day as Z-cakes yells "fuffly!" and forces a crayon into my hand (she is a slave-driver I tell ya).

I'd love to hear what you all dream of doing. What would you do if you had unlimited resources to learn something new? Also, if you're a graphic designer and you'd like to take me on as your apprentice...I'd like to hear from you too. I'd like to hear from you very much. :)

Ack! Now I have to go...Sesame Street is over and Barney is about to come on! Must. change. channel.



michelle said...

I dream of studying graphic design as well!!

Jason & Makenna said...

love murray and his song is fantastic! also sooo grateful we're getting new episodes!

i want to learn to make amazingly decorated cakes that taste even more amazing....and if I ever return to school I want to get my PhD in medical physics. the first one sounds far more fun though.

Greeneyes said...

Too many interests, not enough time....

First, I'd head to culinary school.
Then, photography school.
And maybe squeeze in a stint in fashion design.

Anonymous said...
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Jason & Makenna said...

did you see bakerellas fantastic seasame street pops? think you'd dig em!

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