11 December 2009

Tell Your Mom to Fry Not Bake

We made latkes tonight with Ben and Rachel. They were most delicious.


The recipe was from Deb...because where else do I get my recipes these days? Especially my Jewish ones.


I hadn't planned on making the latkes tonight because I feel like I should be making Christmas gifts during every spare moment that I have...also, Hanukkah is an eight day celebration right? We have plenty of time for frying food! Of course now I'm glad that I did it and they were much easier to make than I remembered. Also, we got to quote this song a bunch of times, which made me happy (I choose sour cream by the way).

I only wish that we had leftovers so that I could make Latkes Benedict with Gramma Jo's famous hollandaise sauce.

Also, check out what's on my counter...


Oh yes. Rachel and I were busy making PW's cinnamon rolls today. You so totally wish you were eating these right now. I know you do.



michelle said...

You know, I'm not a huge fan of cinnamon rolls, but those do look reeeeallly good.

Serin said...

Dang it, your blog always make me hungry!!

Laurel said...

I absolutely wish I was eating those right now. I do I do.

Did you know that Lorne doesn't really like cinnamon rolls? I think he may be a robot.

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