28 January 2010

Random 28(th)

01. There was snow on the ground this morning.
02. Not like the winter wonderland kind.
03. More like a dusting.
04. Now that I'm actively trying to work on "finding style" I'm scared to buy clothes.
05. I'm supposed to be mopping my kitchen floor right now.
06. Says me.
07. It's like the snow just came to say, "yeah...it's winter. I'm still here."
08. Quit pining after spring.
09. When Z-cakes went through a whining/crying phase I would give her a minute to do her thing and then I would say, "okay, all done crying now!"
10. Now whenever she cries she ends with, "alldone...crying now."
11. Every year I've lived here the weather lady has said, "remember March is our snowiest month!"
12. Rolls eyes.
13. I fell on a big patch of ice yesterday in one of my clients driveways.
14. There was ice because as you may recall winter is still here.
15. I have a band-aid on my hand.
16. And my elbow hurts real bad.
17. I made a Valentine yesterday.
18. To get myself in the February spirit.
19. Note to self: planning for daughter's February birthday will impede your Valentine decorating/planning.
20. I graduated from high school 10 years ago.
21. And I was a class officer.
22. Which means I have to get to help plan the reunion.
23. Go Bobcats.
24. Don't ever buy a futon.
25. They're not going to be comfortable to sit on or to sleep on.
26. No really. Don't buy a futon.
27. Also...No I'm not turning into a vegetarian.
28. Don't worry dad.



Hannah said...

oh my! Your blog wasn't updating in my reader for some reason. look at your crafty self! i'm impressed.

Simon and Sara said...

You are so funny! Have fun planning your reunion! Karisa and I had a blast planning ours! haha! Let me know if you need any helpful tips!

dw said...

This really made me giggle. There may even have been some snorting involved...

Not that I'll ever admit to it.

Petit Elefant said...

Oh futons, how many of you I've slept on, or rather, endured through the night.

Staci said...

Futons are too bad when they have a hide-a-bed mattress and a feather bed between you and them...

michelle said...

We had a couple of futons that we used for our sofas/beds the first time we lived in Paris and had to furnish a whole place on the cheap. Ouch. Never again!!

Brock and Kristina said...

lol! thanks for the random 28. i may have to steal the blog title someday. you are too funny.

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