25 January 2010

This and That: January

:: Our families have all gone home. We're getting back into the swing of things. I'm dealing with the bummed out feeling that always follows when company leaves but also feeling a sign of relief coming on as I glance at my fairly open schedule.

:: Some of you may be wondering whether or not I will be going back to work full time. Alas, I applied for a job, interviewed for a job, and was turned down for said job. I have mixed emotions about this. Obviously I wasn't crazy about the idea of leaving Z-cakes to work full time, but on the other hand N8tr0n and I could really use some cash. Every time one of us has a job prospect pending we can't help but start dreaming about what it would be like to get a decent paycheck again. What it would feel like to start breathing again. Silver lining: I've picked up a few more contract clients and am looking into expanding even more. Also, N8tr0n has a couple of new leads for possible jobs which is just what we need to pull our spirits back up.

:: I haven't been feeling like eating meat lately. Which is odd for me (I grew up on a cattle farm for cryin' out loud). Since this occurrence is rare, I don't feel like I have a good arsenal of meat-less recipes. Last week we had falafel and pita (Sunflower sells this mix in bulk and we love it) with a side of chickpea curry. Tonight we had pasta with a kale/tomato/garlic saute. Do you have some fabulous meatless recipes? Any favorite sources? Do tell.

:: A long time ago my friend, Kim, asked me how exactly I keep up with all of the blogs that I'm always linking to. Sigh. The truth is Kim, that I do it using a little thing called neglect. I neglect my child, I neglect my housework, I neglect my personal hygiene. It's gotten way out of hand. In the event that you would like to know exactly what blogs I follow the most, I will be posting a link page later this week. You're welcome.

:: Speaking of following blogs, if you follow the blog ohdeedoh, you've heard about how DIY play kitchen are all the rage these days. I'm excited to say that I will be joining the masses in constructing a play kitchen for my own little baby-cakes. Actually, repurposing would be the correct word in this case:


Here is my before picture that I took, um, today. Z-cakes' birthday is right around the corner which means I'd better get crackin'. Like, yesterday.

:: Finally, I spent a good chunk of my Saturday neglecting life so that I could be inspired by all of the amazing thrifters on the internet. Take for example this girl, and also this girl. And I'm sure many of you know this girl, and of course there's this sweet mama. (See how I'm already helping you neglect more?) Am determined more than ever to become a thrifting aficionado. If you are a thrifting expert who lives in Denver, please take me under your wing.

That's it for me. Enjoy this fine Monday morning and have a happy day.



michelle said...

I hadn't heard of the DIY play kitchen -- sounds brilliant!

deidra said...

We've been falafel from a mix kind of people, but this is the week I attempt falafel from dried beans-scratch.

Cold cereal is vegetarian. We've been eating a lot of it lately. And really, most breakfast foods are. Just eat them for dinner!

Laurel said...

I'm sorry about the job. Those jerks.

Staci said...

You have got to make this pot pie - assuming you can find butternut squash right now. It is to die for!


I'm not big on mushrooms, but the portobellos in this one make my mouth water.

For any meat eaaters reading this comment - yesterday I made an amazing calzone with mild italian sausage, pepperoni, green pepper, onion, mushroom, olives, a little mozzarella, and italian seasoning. Used sweet tomato basil marinara to dip it in. All I'm gonna say is that I am so looking forward to today's lunch!

I'll keep looking here in UT for any env engr leads. Keep your chin up and call me.

Kimberlee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kimberlee said...

Dear Ken,
A little advise...when you read this post please skip over point number three. You can thank me later.


chitarita said...

I went vegetarian for a month a while ago, just to see if I could do it. I'll bring you some of the cookbooks I got during that time next time I see you.

Two favorite recipes of mine are

1. Sweet potato soup (cook some sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, an onion, and some celery in chicken broth in a crock pot. Blend. Add cream cheese and cheddar cheese, let melt, and blend some more. Looks like baby food, but it's delicious!)

2. Eggs in Purgatory (Make a good spaghetti sauce. Crack two eggs (or however many people you're serving) into it. Cover and let simmer until the eggs are poached. Grate yummy cheese on top and serve with bread.)

Serin said...

I'm so sorry that you didn't get the job! I can only take that to mean that there's an even better job out there. For Nate. In Colorado. ;) But yay for more contract work in the meantime!

Can't help you on the vegetarian front. Beans and Rice are about the only veggie meal we eat. Are you looking for non-dairy, non-egg, or just non-meat?

Can't wait to see the finished play kitchen!

Anonymous said...

NEGLECT--Miranda, it must stop. Now! You have no idea how much damage you've caused by neglecting the single most important reunion-planning-amigo in your life (ME!) I emailed your yahoo account. NEGLECT me no more!


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