13 February 2010

12 on the 12th :: February

In February, the 12th is a very special day.

{larger size here}

1. Birthday girl on the phone with grandma.
2. Peaches for breakfast.
3. Red dress, red shoes, and ankle biters.
4. She can climb into the car seat all by herself.
5. Waiting patiently in her car seat (not a common occurrence).
6. J really likes Z.
7. Having lunch with friends.
8. Skype chat with grandma and grandpa.
9. Opening presents with daddy.
10. Reading a new book with mommy.
11. Snowman from cousin, Mr. P. (in the running for most favoritest gift ever)
12. A rose for Z-cakes--a birthday tradition.

More about 12 on the 12th here.



Hannah said...

Happy Birthday, Cutie Z! I'm sure with a mommy like yours, it will be a very special day. ;)

Serin said...

So cute!

michelle said...

LOVE it!!

Lindsay said...

What a perfect documentation of a special day.

urban craft said...

Yay! Happy b-day. Skype is such a wonderful communication tool isn't it. Looked like such a happy day!

Gail said...

Makes me so happy you are continuing the birthday rose tradition - besides, it is so perfect for such a sweet little Azalea flower.

Jill said...

It's fun that this assignment landed on her birthday!

Greeneyes said...

Happy day to the little lady!

amy m said...

It's amazing how many ways you can capture your little ones. Fun that it ended up on her bday.

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