15 March 2010

Party Inspiration

The baby shower I'm hosting is this Saturday. The time! It slips away!

Coincidentally, this Saturday is also the first official day of Spring. The perfect day for a baby shower if you ask me.

As I mentioned, my friend and party planner extraordinaire, Sarah, is helping me with the details and graciously having the party at her house. I'm having so much fun planning with her and have already learned so much! For example, I had never perused the Amy Atlas site until Sarah suggested it. What the what? How could I have not known about this amazing conglomeration of eye candy? Literally, there is a label called eye candy on the site. If I didn't have kids and parents expecting me to be at their homes at an appointed time to do the job for which I am paid, I would spend all day at my computer drooling over this stuff.

{image via Design*Sponge}

A quick search through my reader revealed that I should have known about her all along. Plenty of you have been linking to her amazing party pics, and showing off your own creations using her designs as inspiration. *Sigh* I love the internet.

Also. Bake it Pretty has been getting about a gazillion hits from me lately. I can't wait for the stuff I ordered from them to get here.


The rest of my week will be spent getting ready for the party. And, you know, going to work and feeding Z-cakes and stuff. I still haven't finalized the menu and I have some experimental baking to do. Which incidentally is not something I ever thought I would enjoy doing. I can't believe I used to hate baking.

Happy Monday everybody! What are you up to this week?



michelle said...

I love Bake It Pretty! But I didn't know about Amy Atlas... oh my. Those photos are to die for.

Cassie said...

I didn't know about Amy Atlas either - so thank you sharing your new found fave. Sounds like an action-packed full week, I enjoy any excuse to bake!

My week will be sent entertaining a house guest and getting very excited about seeing Les Miserable on Friday!


Hil said...

Oh my oh my... beautiful eye candy. Thanks for sharing!! Good luck with the party prep. Can't wait to see how it all turns out.

marta said...

am sure your party is going to be incredible. can't wait to see photos. good luck with the party planning committee.

judiroso said...

How do I not know about Amy Atlas?!?! Thanks

Greeneyes said...

Ohhh, Miranda...what have you done? I'm now going to be indulging my weaknesses for pretties and baked goods in that time suck called the Internet. Again.

Bless you! : )

Greeneyes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
michelle said...

Guess what! I got a Bake It Pretty gift certificate for my birthday!!

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