08 April 2010

Baby Shower Onesie

I am not a big fan of baby shower games. I am, however, a fan of coming up with things to occupy guests and provide them with a nice opportunity for mingling. These onesies are super easy so that any non-crafters at your party will not be intimidated. They also leave a lot of room for individuality and are dang cute to boot. Here's what you'll need:


Onesies, of course. (I might add that it is okay if you need to freak out a little about how wee these things are. I'm completely convinced Z-cakes was never that small.)

Scissors (fabric and non)


Pictures (I got these animals from dafont.com. I also think it would be totally rad to do this with video game characters or hipster art.)

Wonder Under (or any comparable paper backed fusible webbing)

Fabric (I bought a bunch of different fat quarters so that the guests would have a variety of fabric to chose from.)


First, choose the picture that you want for the onesie and cut it out. I had grand plans to have a bunch of these cut out before the guests arrived but as it turns out, I was too busy skewering strawberries. Nobody seemed to mind that they had to cut the animals out themselves.

After you've cut out your picture, trace it onto the paper side of a piece of Wonder Under.


Next, place the web side of the Wonder Under onto the wrong side of your fabric. Fuse the Wonder Under to your fabric with a dry iron. All of these instructions should be included on the packaging so be sure to check the instructions if you're using something different.


After the fabric has cooled, cut out the silhouette exactly and peel off the paper. The fusible webbing will be left on the wrong side of your fabric.


Place your picture anywhere you would like on the onesie web side down. This time you're going to put a damp press cloth over the top of the onesie before you press it. Press firmly for 10 seconds and make sure that you press the entire piece of fabric to get everything fused.


If you are like me, "press cloth" refers to whatever dishcloth you can find that won't look atrocious in a picture. Hopefully you are not like me. If your onesie is a little wet after using the press cloth, you can press over it with your dry iron to dry it off.


Ta-Da! See, I told you. Easy-peasy mac 'n' cheesy. I posted a couple of signs with instructions around the crafting area and had samples for people to look at. Rachel ended up with a giant stack of onesies that were not only adorable, but reflected each person that made it.

Also, will someone please use my idea of hanging all of the finished onesies on a wire with clothespins? It is another one of those things that I just ran out of time for. But seriously, that is an idea that desperately needs to be used.

Let me know if you have any questions and definitely let me know if you make any of these yourself!

Happy crafting!



Cathy said...

Cute! I'll be doing this for my sister's baby shower this summer. And I will make sure they are hung on a wire with clothespins!

Cathy said...
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Hil said...

such a great idea! love it. thank you for sharing.

paws said...

I love that idea. Onesies are the best.

judiroso said...

You Rock! Those are adorable, next year maybe we should have a joint party for Z-cakes and So-So, just think of the possibilities!!!

Sarah said...

Too cute. I think I may try this out!

michelle said...

Darling. And SO much better than party games!

Tiffany said...

I would have a baby just for those onesies. I love onesies.

Rachel said...

Definitely a genious idea! I love it, I think I am going to do it for all the up and coming babies in my life!

Hannah said...


Laurel said...

Want to throw me a baby shower and do this? I know showers are frowned upon for second children, but I don't want big gifts. Just adorable onesies.

You Are My Fave said...

Thank you for this. I wanted to make some for my friend who just had a baby but didn't know where to start.

Melissa A. @ Design Delights said...

This is a wonderful idea for a shower. I'm keeping this one in blogging file.

marta said...

cutest craft ever. my hubby just glanced over my shoulder and said 'those are cool'. woah. that's big.

judiroso said...

I made these for a girl at work that is having a baby too cute and too easy...thanks

ShellG said...

love it!!! thank you!

Anonymous said...

What kind of wire do you need to use to hang the onesies?

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