05 April 2010

Easter--In Pictures

Ahhh....good morning, Blogland. It is so nice to see you again. Unfortunately, I'm going to be brief today as I will be attending Charlotte's funeral, seeing clients, and trying to clean up a house that appears as though a tornado has ripped through it. It is a miracle everyone survived.

But I couldn't resist showing you a few pictures from our quiet Easter celebration yesterday. I think I will forever refer to this Easter as: The Easter That I Almost Ruined Because I Kept Forgetting to Dye Eggs But Then Saved at the Last Minute With Confetti Eggs. Ahem.

Something about the timing of the holiday and having family in town made it hard for me to put together a decent Easter celebration. Not that I would ever regret spending all of my time hanging out with family--they are more important than colored eggs as you can imagine--but when I woke up on Easter morning I had a bit of a melancholy feeling about not doing more to make the day special. Enter: Confetti Eggs.


I hurried and hid the eggs outside--oh happy day, it was warm enough to hunt for eggs outside!--while N8tr0n outfitted Z-cakes in her best egg-hunting attire + a basket.


It took her about two seconds to figure out what was going on and then it was all delightful business. She wandered around the yard saying, "I see a eggs! Oh! I see a eggs!" She made short work of combing the yard and gently placing all of the eggs in her little blue basket.


After that we showed her how to crack the eggs and release the confetti party. Of course nothing Z-cakes does is without a running commentary, so an enthusiastic "CRR--ACK!" accompanied every explosion of confetti. End result: mouth full of tiny paper.





So as you can see, I escaped complete mother failure yet again. Whew. Here's to stumbling upon holiday traditions at our own pace. I hope you had a wonderful Easter too. I'll be back to regular posting this week with a giveaway coming up on Friday! It's a good one too...get excited.



Laurel said...

That's a fantastic idea! I would like to request a tutorial for next year (when you have time, of course) so we can avoid Will eating his weight in chocolate covered cranberries.

Cassie said...

Too cute! Never seen heard of these confetti eggs before - what a fab idea!

Happy Easter to you and your family


Staci said...

At least you remembered! Last year I forgot, and the Easter Bunny had to drop off the baskets on the front porch. Yikes.

Love the confetti - and that it was outside!

Staci said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Greeneyes said...

You are a little Easter rockstar!

Sarah said...

Love the confetti eggs!
Isn't Easter so much more fun when they finally get what they are supposed to do?

Jason & Makenna said...

Love the confetti eggs...will definitely be making those next year!

marta said...

hooray for confetti eggs; aren't they a li'l party!?! my boy loved them too. glad you had a happy weekend.

michelle said...

How cute is she with confetti all over her mouth?!

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