16 April 2010

Happy Weekend

Just a few highlights of our trip to Idaho...


watching Z-cakes climb right in the corral with Dad's cattle. Her lack of fear confuses me.

meeting Miss Hilary AND Miss Marta for brunch! I had a wonderful time and yes, they really are as cute and genuine as you imagine.

dancing through my first ever Zumba class at Main Motion Dance in Oakley! I'll definitely be finding a class when we get back to Denver.

lunching with a bundle of college roommates and high school friends + kids. I can't wait for our roommate reunion in August!

shopping with my mom and Z-cakes.

eating all of the cookies, chocolate covered cinnamon bears, and Reeses Eggs my mom keeps her house stocked with.

basking in the beautiful sun after a day of crazy wind. Idaho likes to remind you that warm Spring days sans wind should be cherished.

hearing Z-cakes exclaim "Hi Everybody!" when she runs into the house after playing outside ALL DAY with Grandpa K. Methinks we have a little farmer on our hands. She wants to "go see cows" at pretty much any time of day.

Happy Weekend everybody. I hope you have a wonderful one. And please don't forget to enter the Simply Yours Designs Giveaway! You have until Sunday to enter so cross your fingers and tell your friends.



Hil said...

Oh my goodness... GREAT PICTURE! Loved getting together for brunch. So glad you are having such a wonderful time here in little ol' Idaho. Enjoy your weekend!

michelle said...

I love the picture of Z-cakes with grass that goes on forever! Lucky girl to be with Grandma and Grandpa and the cows.

"Her lack of fear confuses me." Love it.

Cassie said...

That huge sky around Z-cakes reminds me of here - what a massive world for her to investigate.


Denise said...

That is just about the cutest darned picture I've ever seen! It looks like something from an ad or a magazine.

mary plus vince said...

that photo is darling, and i love that she would come in and say "hi everybody" -- so cute!

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