17 June 2010

10 Happy Things

I spent most of yesterday feeling like I needed an attitude adjustment. :) Soule mama's inspiration this morning is exactly what I needed. Here's 10 things that are making me oh so happy today.


01. Fresh raspberries on my granola. They go together perfectly.

02. Finding back issues of Bon Appetit all over my mom's house.

Z-cakes eating

03. This little girl waking up waaaaaay on the right side of the bed.

04. A new book waiting in the wings while I finish up The Book Thief.


05. Brand new crayons and water-colors for Z-cakes.

06. Folded laundry.


07. Chasing the sun to the playground after days of drizzles and clouds.

08. A surplus of blogs in my head waiting to be written, FINALLY!

polka dot

09. This cute, easy, and successful(!) skirt refashion from a $3.00 Goodwill skirt.

10. A new t-shirt coming in the mail to match the one Z-cakes got for Christmas.

Ahh...that's much better. It is always so nice to be thankful. What has been making you happy today?



Hannah said...

That swing picture is awesome.

Sarah said...

I love when kids wake up on the waaay right side of the bed. Don't you just want to snuggle them up?!

Charlotte said...

I {love} gratitude lists. Really. And this one is no exception. I find that when I'm in a funk, making a gratitude list is exactly what I need.

Serin said...

#1 on my grateful list is that Grant *only* has a broken arm

And somewhere in my top ten is "I'm grateful for new posts from Miranda!"

Staci said...

I really liked Water for Elephants. A friend of mine said the language was too strong, but I don't remember that.

Too bad grandpa's tree isn't there anymore. You could climb up and read.

That's what I used to do. Grandma would bring me cups of milk and a pillow. Wasn't the most comfortable, but I loved it.

marta said...

i need some raspberries right now. those look incredible. and my mom just loved that Water for Elephants book, even if it is a tad risque. i think it's coming up on my must-read book. i'd love to hear your thoughts on The Book Thief too. happy move-in to you!

Stefanie said...

Wow the raspberries look amazing! Do you have a recipe for your granola? I would love to make some. Your pictures are all so darling!


Cassie said...

Love your photos with this post Miranda, as fabulous as ever!

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