13 June 2010

12 on the 12th :: June

12of12 _June10_resize

01. Z-cakes serenaded me with a rousing rendition of the ABC song.
02. She misses having her daddy around during the week.
03. The latest book I can't put down. Except to take a picture of it.
04. N8tr0n made German pancakes for breakfast.
05. Z-cakes likes to watch cartoons shirtless while eating mini m&m's. Classy.
06. Lunch
07. Sewing with Aunt Kathy.
08. My cousin and her grandpa (my uncle) looking at family history. It was a really cute moment.
09. What two-year-olds do to water colors.
10. DVR'd So You Think You Can Dance. Makes me so happy.
11. Dad ran the swather over the field next to our house with his entorage in the cab with him: Calvin (dog), Izzy (dog), and Z-cakes.
12. Asparagus from grandpa's garden. We used it to make this.

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eaumaison said...

Yes, in general SYTYCD makes me happy. But I have to express disappointment in the changes they made so far this year. 10 is NOT enough dancers. The all-stars don't seem to be any better than this year's crop of talent - I'd rather watch all new people. I also hated the way they announced the results to the dancers by calling or visiting them in the homes. Completely awful to watch.

But Wade's opening dance was great, of course!

Sarah said...

I love so you think you can dance. I always look forward to a new season.
oh... and thanks for the link. :) Hope you loved the pancakes as much as me!

Jill said...

I absolutely loved The Book Thief!

SYTYCD made it into my 12 on the 12th too!

Denise said...

Garden asparagus?! Be still my heart.

michelle said...

LOVE SYTYCD. Even though I agree with much of what eaumaison said.

That is exactly what 2 year olds do with watercolors! (And 5 year olds.)

Jealous of that asparagus!

Greeneyes said...

Loved The Book Thief; such a creative perspective.

There are a very few times I miss having a telly. This dance thing induces one of those times.

I bought asparagus at the farmers' market this weekend, but I'm still jealous of yours. Homegrown?? Mmm.

Anonymous said...


I'm a huge fan of yours by the way :)

Cassie said...

Looks like a fabulous day to me. Love this project for highlighting the little things. Remembered to join in myself too this month!

Staci said...

Really? Grandpa's asparagus? One of my favorite things to do at grandpa's house was to grap a knife and a bag and go for a walk on the ditch banks. Good times and even yummier dinners.

amyfm said...

oh how i would love asparagus right from the garden. how delightful.

i loved the book thief and the German pancakes looks so so good.

Jason & Makenna said...

Too many favs in these photos...Taco Bandido! YUM. Aparagus. Double yum. SYTYCD? Yes! So excited for this season. Not yet sure how I feel about return dancers. We'll see how that plays out. M&Ms...yes, oh yes. She does have good taste. :) Especially if they're peanut butter.

emily said...

I really need to read The Book Thief. I also really wish I could pull off a faux hawk like Z. Part of me also wishes I were young enough to pull off her tv watching style.

Serin said...

I almost didn't comment on this because it had 12 comments and that seems perfect for 12 on the 12th. But I'm gonna ruin that...

I forgot about 12 on the 12th this month, dang it!

I would love some of that asparagus pizza, but I'm the only person in the house that will touch it! :(

Can you get Z-cakes singing ABCs on video for us? ♥

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