19 July 2010


This weekend we tried to stay cool by:

never really getting dressed,


making delicious meals that required little or no cooking,




and turning Z-cakes loose with the hose.


Today it's back to work. My goals for the week include organizing the kitchen and getting a new header up. You know, before Spring rolls* around again. Fingers crossed.

How was your weekend? What are your plans for the week?


*Mmmm....spring rolls.


Staci said...

I've been very busy at work lately, and I'm going out of town with girlfriends next week. I'm planning on taking a couple of days to enjoy my boys without any elevated voices - at least of the angry kind.

Charlotte said...

I pretty much love these pictures! And that looks like a perfectly lovely weekend!

Cassie said...

With a Strawberry Shortcake hat Zcakes is the epitome of cool!!

All your food looks yummy as ever too Miranda. Hope your organised week is a great one.

Hannah said...

love the new header. good luck tackling the kitchen.

and holy cow...that salsa looks amazing.

Katharina said...

Three words: Ross Park Pool.

Or, even better:

Lava Hot Springs (the cool pool, not the roaster ones)

Kimberlee said...

In which I wish I would have spent the weekend eating at your house!

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