29 August 2010

Blog Discussion Wrap Up


That's pretty much what I've been saying all weekend about your insightful comments and caring remarks. Seriously, wow. This is exactly why I blog.

I was happy to learn that the dilemma of how to blog the tough stuff is an issue that all of you think about and struggle with. I agree that there is a fine line we walk between sharing and complaining, and that in the end, our attitudes are what define our intentions. If we share our hardships with an attitude of faith and hope, we can reach out to others who may be struggling with similar issues. We can also create an environment of healing and invite our friends to bolster us up when we need them.

Although this blog discussion was partially brought on by some hard times, I really really did just want to hear what you had to say. It is something I've thought about since day one of starting this blog. Mostly, I don't want you to worry about me. I'm constructing a post that will make all of this make more sense, but in the meantime--I promise--don't worry. Also, if you haven't gotten a chance to read all of the comments, please do so. It's great stuff.

xoxo to all of you and happy Monday!


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