02 August 2010


Six pictures illustrating our dreamy weekend.

01. We loaded up the car for a roadtrip to SLC!

02. Our first stop.

03. Z-cakes fell asleep as we pulled into the Ikea parking lot. We stayed in the car to let her nap for a while. N8tr0n made good progress on his book, I made good progress on my knitting.

04. We played with long-lost cousins who were actually happy to see us, despite what this photo may suggest. :)

05. We stayed in a hotel and chose room service over getting back in the car to find food.

06. And. AND. Most importantly...cuddled the ridiculously cute Baby Jack while we caught up with some Denver friends. We can hardly wait to see them again next week!

It's always so nice to return home from a great weekend trip. We have plans lined up for next weekend too so I'm guessing just when we get everything put away it will be time to get it all out again. Now that I think about it...maybe we'll just leave our bags packed...

Happy Monday and Happy August!



Hil said...

Love your pictures Miranda. You have such a way of capturing the moment! We also were out of town this weekend... and will be gone again this weekend. I second the motion to stay packed.

Glad you had such a great weekend!

Serin said...

I love room service! Maybe it's because I'm lazy. lol

How fun that you finally got to cuddle baby Jack! ♥

Staci said...

As one of the long lost cousins, I promise that we were more than happy to see you. We were thrilled!

My boys all decided that Z-Cakes is the cutest cousin ever.

And you know what - if that girl doesn't want corn, I just think she shouldn't have to have it...

Thank you for sharing an evening with us!

Simon and Sara said...

Next time give me a call! You were so close! Glad you had a great time! Looked like fun!

michelle said...

Fun to see you and Z-cakes in front of Bingham's Cyclery. I was just there recently.

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