23 August 2010


How was your weekend? Ours was full of cousins, reunions, sunshine and fair animals. I didn't have my camera with me for the majority of the fair because I knew that my hands would be full wrangling Z-cakes and holding corn dogs, but I did manage to squeeze in a few shots. I was shocked when I realized that is has been something like seven years since I have been to our little fair. Inconceivable!


We watched all of our cousins show their 4-H steers. I enjoyed reminiscing about the old days when I was showing steers. They all did such a great job. We're so proud of them!


We ate sno-cones early since it was warming up fast. I taught Z-cakes to remember the greatest sno-cone flavor of all time: Tiger's Blood.


We hung out with our cowboy cousins,


and we hung out with our Utah cousins.


I went to my high school reunion, and the next morning hosted a brunch for a few of my BFF's and their spouses.


And of course, what weekend in Burley would be complete without plenty of Grandpa Ken time?

Hoping your weekend was fab! What was your favorite part?



deidra said...

Frightening days in the show rink. I remember being such a little girl at the end of such a large animal. Wasn't sad when we quit after my first year!

Kricket said...

Sounds like fun. Sorry I missed you.

Hil said...

Tiger's Blood... yum.

I can't believe how big z-cakes is getting. She is such a cutie!

So glad you had a blast in Burley.. that brunch looks beautiful!

Sarah said...

What a beautiful table-scape. I love the white linens and glassware contrasting with the wooden bench. Beautiful.

Hannah said...

So, I was all excited to run into you at the fair. My husband had a secret camping trip planned, though. I was all dolled up for the rodeo, huge gold earrings and extra makeup and all. I'm sure my in laws were laughing at me when they saw me walk up the stairs.

We never made it to the fair, but the camping trip with just my hubs was amazing.

HOLY COW! That brunch! You know how to throw a party, dearie.

Jen said...

(sigh) Where do I begin? I don't think I've been to that fair in 7 years either. Inconceivable! Zayley's hat and tank top...SO CUTE! Well...she is just SO CUTE! Tiger's Blood...Oh the memories. You have to call and tell me about the reunion! Beautiful spread by the way. And I think that's all I hafta say.

Staci said...

OK - so had I known that you'd been at the fair all day I wouldn't have pushed the rodeo deal. Carson really appreciated Nate explaining each event. Good to see you again, and I completely apologize if we escalated your pre-brunch stress.

michelle said...

Tiger's Blood is my favorite, too.

Showing steers, etc. is so far outside my realm of experience, I can't even imagine.

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