10 September 2010

Hello Friday


I've been keeping a rotating bouquet of roses on my table for about a week now. Every time one wilts, I step outside and cut another. It is a nice reminder that all the attention and hard work I devoted to the roses in my yard actually paid off. Isn't it nice when that happens?

I also love the way it looks on our table.


Don't forget I'm over at Hannah's today as part of her "May I Suggest" series. Can you believe she only wanted to know my three favorite things from the kitchen? Three. I know, right? Anyway, check it out. It might not be what you expect. Or it might...I've never claimed to be that unpredictable.

Also. Be sure to enter the giveaway! You have until Sunday night to cross your fingers that those pretty little flowers will be perched atop your head. Go enter!

Happy Weekend. What will you be up to? Me? I'm going to the state fair. That's right...two fairs in one year. Don't you wish you were so lucky?



michelle said...

What a pretty little picture that makes! I love your red chairs. Totally brightened my day.

Hil said...

That is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing the beauty!

p.s. I cheated and submitted 4. shhhh. Love the parchment paper you suggested!

paws said...

I love your red chairs and the roses are so pretty.

Jen said...

Watch out Nate. Mandy is turning into a cottage style girl. The old table the red chairs the garden fresh flowers all scream cottage! Very cute!

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