30 September 2010

It all starts tomorrow


I can't believe it. I just realized—just now—that tomorrow is the first day of October! I can't believe it. October is my very favorite month, in case you hadn't already guessed. I have a few fun things planned for the blog which include but are not limited to:

the little things that bring a smile to my face
my favorite fall cookie recipe
a cake making video tutorial (yep, I'm doing it for reals)
my amateur photography tips (have you been waiting for this one?)

My family will be enduring enjoying my list of "things we must do in October," starting with watching General Conference + making doughnuts this weekend! Homemade from scratch doughnuts my friends. If all goes well, I'll tell you all about it. Actually, I'll probably tell you all about it however it turns out. That seems to be what I do.

We'll be taking a trip to Denver and celebrating my birthday while we're there. We'll be raking leaves, harvesting fruit, and finding our winter hats, scarves, and gloves which are absolutely and completely lost. Somewhere in the basement, I fear.

What will you be doing this month?

Holy crap you guys, I'm so excited! It all starts tomorrow with my first "makes me smile" post. See you then.



Charlotte said...

I love October. I'm going to make pumpkin bread and (your) apple pie and maybe even donuts this weekend. I'm going to watch scary movies like Sixth Sense and Wait Until Dark and read a scary book or two. I'm going to spray-paint pumpkins gold. And I'm going to get married. (PS--Mom said you were going to be in town for the reception, and I'm so excited about that.)

Emmylou said...

I love you and your excitement for fall. It is contagious and makes me excited for fall. I've started my quiet book, and therefore have been thinking about you a lot. I'll try to call you soon! Love your guts!

Kricket said...

Sounds fun. Can't wait to hear about it.

urban craft said...

You haven't mentioned anything about Halloween!
Cause that is all that my little guy talks about.
Birthday month Yay! Libra?
Ok, now that you have reminded me, need to start planning costume.


Misplaced Country Girl said...

There isn't a better time of the year than fall! I will be wearing boots and sweaters, baking all things yummy with extra cinnamon and cooking lots and lots of soups. I'll also be breaking out my favorite house shoes, snuggling down on my couch with my puppers and my favorite quilt and a good book. Oh fall! Why must we wait all year for you?

Denise said...

I can't wait for your donut report! I saw your not-so-fabulous comment on Michelle's blog. Ours turned out pretty good this time around (some batches are better than others).

michelle said...

October is pretty fan-freaking-tastic, I have to agree.

I'll be decorating for Halloween, painting pumpkins, picking grapes and making juice, raking leaves, knitting... all good.

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