27 September 2010

Scenes from the weekend

We spent our weekend at Bear Lake. I could tell you about what a wonderful time we had, but I think the pictures will do a better job.







Thanks for all of the get-well wishes. You're all so thoughtful. I started feeling better as soon as we got to the cabin but ended up coming home with a cold. Dang the bad luck! Oh well, the trip was definitely worth it.

Happy Monday everyone. Did you have a good weekend?



Hil said...

I still haven't ever been to Bear Lake. I'll have to make it a point to get there some day. Love the cuddle picture. Nothing better than cuddles in the morning! Hope you get over your cold soon!

Hannah said...

Such lovely pictures! We used to go to Bear Lake every year. Is the water warm? I remember it being so cold, but we usually went in late June/early July.

Your family is so adorable.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Those pictures are fantastic! I have no idea where Bear Lake is, but I want to go there. So glad you had fun and sorry about the cold. That's not a fun way to start your week.

Jen B. said...

Crazy that we were both at Bear Lake this weekend! I was loving the awesome weather. I love the cuddle shot too. Tells such a great story. My girls had fun collecting those mini sea shells too. Where are you from?

Ben said...


Rachel said...

Love IT!

Pink Little Cake said...

You are right, the pictures speak for themselves. beautiful, I hope you are feeling better.

kylee said...

that first picture with the leaves... beautiful! looks like a fun weekend getaway!

Sarah said...

Love the cuddling picture. Oh and I love how bear lake doesn't really have "sand" - just tiny shells :)

Greeneyes said...

Sorry to read that you are feeling icky...no fun.

How I wish I could go, too! That is one of my very favorite places. Ever.

The yellow fireplace is truly wonderful.

That little girl's grin is contagious.

Kimberlee said...

The pictures capture it beautifully. Hope you are feeling okay. Loves.

michelle said...

I've never been to Bear Lake! It looks amazing. I am in love with that photo of the handful of itty bitty shells. sigh. Love Nate's tee as well.

I hope you feel better soon!

jt said...

That photo of the handful of tiny shells is incredible. Incredible. I am getting over a cold too.Yuck.

Jaime said...

Ahhh! this is where I honey-mooned. :) same time of year even. :) thank you for sharing the pictues--I haven't been back since.

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