07 October 2010

Makes Me Happy 004

Kick Drum Heart makes me happy. It has been making me happy for a week straight, actually. Of course I love any song by those lovely Avett Brothers, but this song has been perfect for getting me moving and making me smile.

Z-cakes likes clapping along with the drum beat. You should give it a try. I promise it will make you happy.

In 100% related news: The newest Avett Brothers album released on Tuesday! This is me crossing my fingers that somebody (brother) will get this for me for my birthday.

Picture 17

I'm also going to say that my fingers are crossed in the hope that my bangs don't eat my face. Seriously. They've gotten completely out of hand.

"Makes Me Happy" is a mini-series that will be featured through the month of October. It's purpose is to celebrate the small-inexpensive luxuries in life that bring a smile to my face. Please play along if you'd like. Embrace the everyday.



Hil said...

Love it. I'll cross my fingers for you as well!

Rachel said...

Well, you look really cute, even if you are in danger of your bangs eating your face :)

dw said...


Ma-ma-ma-my heart like a kick drum!

I am totally bopping along to this at work, eating sushi for lunch. Thanks for recharging my batteries, lady!

I heard this yesterday on the radio and it reminded me that I still have not made my decision on how to spend my iTunes gift card - the one I received in July. Oh, for shame!

Emmylou said...

I was listening and Mariah was lovin it dancing around. Very fun! Have a fantastic day. I still think you look great!

Tiffany said...

My brother just introduced me to the Avett Brothers and I'm hooked. Fingers crossed for you to have a brother that comes through for you!

Ben said...

The Avett Brothers need to use their banjo more often.

Rebekah said...

Your blog makes me happy and this song makes me happy too! I can always count on you for a smile!

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