13 October 2010

Makes Me Happy 007

A hilarious book that I can read over and over with my daughter makes me happy.


I'm sure you'll be shocked to know that Z-cakes is the boss of reading time and that we usually end up reading the same book over and over and over. With wonderful writers like Mo Willems around, I don't even mind. These two books are favorites of ours, but I really really love this one. Oh and this one. And of course this one.

We are always on the lookout for new favorite books. Have any recommendations?

"Makes Me Happy" is a mini-series that will be featured through the month of October. It's purpose is to celebrate the small-inexpensive luxuries in life that bring a smile to my face. Please play along if you'd like. Embrace the everyday.



Kricket said...

We are huge fans of Robert Munsch books. My favorites are Stephanie's Ponytail, Zoom!, and MMM Cookies. They are all great though. His website allows you to listen to them for free.

Hil said...

We have "Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!". We haven't read it in ages. I'll have to pull it out tonight.

Our favorite book is this one http://veryawesomeworld.com/

Seriously so dang cute and has a beautiful message.

michelle said...

I love all of those pigeon books! And George and Martha, do you know those? Classic. Martha Speaks books are also favorites around here.

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