15 November 2010

12 of the 12th :: November

I'm taking a brief break from the Handmade Holiday extravaganza to finally post my pictures from the 12th.

01. When I came to wake Z-cakes up she said she had a bunny for me.
02. Playing a game with Z-cakes I drew this card. Wolverines!
03. Knitting with the humbling mohair. So far, so good.
04. I bought dry shampoo and then learned that there is a dry shampoo craze. Who knew?
05. My ultimate lazy lunch: toast + peanut butter + banana + honey.
06. Practicing: Look AT the camera and actually smile. I love a good candid photo but sometimes you need eye contact.
07. Tis the season for reading about food.
08. Hello, Pottery Barn inspiration.
09. I love my calendar more every month.
10. Laundry + Project Runway.
11. Z-cakes has discovered the usefulness of pockets.
12. Hot chocolate for the night-time drive to B-town.

Learn more about 12 on the 12th and play along here!



Tiffany said...

I love your 12 posts. Such a fun peek into your day.

I'll also be smiling about wolverines all day!

Kelli said...

I love these posts and your pictures. I love the one of your daughter smiling at the camera. Starbucks has the best hot chocolate!

Cassie said...

Oh dear I missed the twelfth again! I love Z-Cakes face - such a little beauty.

MUST, MUST remember next month but yours is as fabulous as ever Miranda!

michelle said...

Love this. I love peanut butter/banana toast! Especially on homemade bread.

Project Runway improves any task or project.

Can you believe I've never had Starbucks hot chocolate? I'll have to remedy that soon.

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