08 November 2010

Giveaway: MADE


I can't think of a better way to kick off this Handmade Holiday series than with a giveaway from the lovely Dana and her beautiful blog: MADE.

I remember the first time I popped over to Dana's blog to check out the Market Skirt. Z-cakes had been born just a few months earlier and I couldn't wait until she was old enough to wear that adorable skirt. From there I became obsessed with the Shirt Dress. And of course I thought her freezer paper stenciling ideas were genius. Needless to say, I was hooked. Dana has since been a constant stream of inspiration, sunshine, and eye candy to my reader. I am giddy that she is offering patterns from her shop as a giveaway to Narrating Life readers!

The giveaway:
3 winners will each receive Dana's Sweater Stocking PDF pattern,

(The perfect handmade decoration ready to be filled with sweet treats!)


One pattern of their choice from Dana's shop. Double prizes? Yessssss!

Which one will you choose?

The Rollie Pollie

The Can-Can Skirt

The Summer Vacation Dress

The modern leaf pillow
{all images via MADE}

Each pattern is available in a handy PDF pattern so that you can get started on your handmade holiday even faster.

How to enter:
:: Be sure to check out Dana's blog for more DIY inspiration and handmade gift ideas.
:: Leave a comment on this post. What is your favorite sweet indulgence during the holidays?
:: Grab a Handmade Holiday button and post it on your blog/website for an extra entry (please leave a separate comment letting me know you have done so). That's right, two chances to win double prizes!
:: Comments close on Wednesday, November 10th at 10:00 PM MST. The winner will be announced on this post so be sure to check back to see if you've won!
Giveaway Closed

Congratulations: Laurel, Jaime, and Kristina! Please email me to claim your winnings!

FYI: There are two more posts still to come today. The first will be about the process I use for putting together a Handmade Holiday and the second will be about one of my favorite handmade gifts. See you then!

Handmade Holiday 2010: A series about making it happen.



Hil said...

Such adorable patterns! My favorite sweet indulgence during the holidays would have to be pie (anything but pumpkin). I didn't use to be a pie person... I blame it fully on my pie-loving husband.

Thanks for the chance to win!

Hil said...

... and I have your button on my blog! Not just for selfish reasons of winning either, it was there on Friday because I'm so stoked about this series. :)

Jason & Makenna said...

I'm with Hil and the pies as well. I much prefer pies to cakes and they are always in abundance during the holidays. Heaven help my figure!

Hannah said...

I love pumpkin everything. Pumpkin bread, cookies, cheesecake bars.

And cranberries. I love cranberries. Cranberry cookies are my favorite.

Actually...I love all holiday food.

April said...

Dark chocolate fudge. The darker the better!
I want to put this button for a handmade holiday on my blog, but I don't know how!? Shoot me an email if you get a chance, help me out.
ps. you are totally inspiring me (that and lack of money for christmas) you should see my list of things I am making for my babies this year!

April said...

Nevermind about the email, I did it! maybe I'm not as stupid as I look.... so the cute "handmade holiday" button is on my blog. :)

Rachel said...

I indulge in hot chocolate. I don't usually like really sugary drinks, I'm a diet coke girl, as you know. But I love hot chocolate, especially with creamer, and a cinnamon stick in it. Oh and Egg Nog, gotta love the NOG!!! What was that I was saying about sugary drinks.....:)

Rachel said...

I so totally have you button on my blog.

Mare said...

Love the patterns. My favorite sweet is the pumpkin pie.

Mare said...

I added the button to my blog.
mare460 at gmail.com

Nicole said...

Hey Mandy friend from long ago in ID. Have I told you lately I read your blog almost daily? I love all you do and you are an inspiration for me!

My favorite holiday indulgence, if I have to pick just one, is my grandma's English toffee. Yum!

-This is Chanc Todd (aka Asher)

Nicole said...

PS Added your button to my blog!

jt said...

I too love the market skirt and her shirt dress patterns! I'm loving her selection of patterns to choose from. However, asking me to choose my favorite holiday indulgence is like asking me to pick my favorite child (although between you and me, it's Lola-). I just like food.

jt said...

Proud to boast your button.
Wish I knew how to make my own...

Brock and Kristina said...

Okay. So I LOVE, LOVE your embroidery project. So ADORABLE. I think you inspired me to make something new. And I think the blue embroidered background is perfect! My favorite indulgence during the holidays would have to be homemade chocolate truffles. Yum.
AND I'm trying to put your button on my blog. It's not working, so I'll work on it later. Can't figure it out. :)

Jaime said...

Considering that I seriously just ate about a dozen pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, I would have to say my sweet indulgence for the holidays is pumpkin! And fruit pies, I can't get enough of them.
Love your series! I'm working on some knitting projects right now (namely a snake for my nephew).

Sarah Stamps said...

My sweet indulgence during the holidays is seeing all my friends, all gussied up in their fancy holiday clothes and sharing their favorite holiday treats while chatting way into the night. We'll miss you this year at the party;)

A 'n D said...

ha ha...i totally just commented on your fb note about this post!

so, i LOVE LOVE LOVE homemade candy: creamy fudges, english toffee, dipped chocolates, etc.!!!

there are MANY MORE, but since you were difficult, and i could only pick ONE :o)

paws said...

My favorite sweet indulgence is English butter toffee. These designs are so cute!

paws said...

My blog is now bedecked with your beautiful button that you spent days on. :)

michelle said...

I love MADE! I already have the can-can skirt pattern, but I haven't made it yet... I have a problem with gathering projects that never get made.

I love holiday treats, especially: English toffee, homemade caramels, and fudge.

michelle said...

I added your cute button! Nicely done.

Charlotte said...

Love the stocking. And all the other patterns. The modern leaf pillow makes my heart ache. In my efforts to become a serious crafter I am subscribing to Dana's blog asap.

My favorite holiday treat? Chocolate turkeys at Thanksgiving, and peppermint bark at Christmas. Yessss.

Charlotte said...

Plus, your button is on my blog. I'm all for extra contest entries.

Hannah said...

Now have your button.

Brock and Kristina said...

Did it! Got your button. AND you need to stop. I love the tin idea. I want to make those too!! Great ideas!!

judiroso said...

Hmm, so hard to choose but one favorite is homemade caramels, oh and soft peppermint sticks...drool.
Love this series, so inspiring...now if I only had more time!!

Greeneyes said...

I am inspired. And totally intimidated. Man, do I even HAVE any craft to get on? I would love to make a me-size version of that can-can skirt.

And my holiday sweetness? Grandma's Danish rice pudding. Oooh, la-la.

Laurel said...

My mom makes peanut butter balls. They're kind of like buckeyes, but they have rice krispies in them, and they're so good. I could just stand and eat and eat and eat them for hours.

Kimberlee said...

Although I love a ton of the homemade holiday sweets, my all time favorite is Almond Roca. YUM.

Kimberlee said...

My blog is sportin' your button.

Season said...

I love baking all kinds of cookies, cakes, pies and eating them! I would totally pick that rollie pollie.

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