12 November 2010

Handmade Holiday :: Happy Weekend


Big THANKS for all of your kind comments and emails about the Handmade Holiday series. I'm so happy to hear that you are being inspired, finding blogs that are new-to-you, and enjoying the giveaways!

Have you put together your list of people you want to make things for yet? I would recommend checking that task off of your list sooner rather than later. Maybe you can do it this weekend while you're planning your Thanksgiving menu? Yikes! Did I just stress you out?

Here is the "still to come" list for the Handmade Holiday Series.

:: Finding Inspiration: I'll be posting loads of suggestions for handmade gifts and sharing many of my favorite sites for handmade inspiration. I'll even attempt to put together a list for those hard-to-make-for menfolk. Prepare yourself with your list of recipients and an empty folder on your desktop ready to be filled with bookmarked pages. This will be one of those few times in life when somebody else does the work for you. That's what makes me so nice.

:: Reader Q&A: I've had a couple of people email me with excellent handmade holiday questions. I'll be featuring their questions + my answers next week. If you have a handmade holiday question, please feel free to contact me. And remember, my formspring door is always open.

:: Guest Posts: I have one more guest post lined up for next week. Do you have a favorite handmade gift that you would like to share? Please do contact me. Your handmade ideas are the best.

:: More Giveaways: Yaaaay! Next week it's all about already made gifts. Just wrap and deliver. If you have some lovely handmade wares that you'd like featured, please contact me. I'd love to promote your work.

Happy weekend everyone. Thanks again for your support.



1 comment:

Serin said...

This series is awesome! YOU are awesome! Miss you :)

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