03 November 2010

Random Wednesday

01. My blow-dryer is MIA.
02. My hair does not do well when left to its own devices to dry.
03. It was on its last leg anyway.
04. The blow-dryer, that is.
05. Not my hair.
06. I finally ordered some boots.
07. These.
08. And these.
09. They are supposed to arrive today.
10. I'm excited.
11. And nervous.
12. That they won't fit over what I have learned are my "athletic calves."
13. My handmade holiday is coming along nicely.
14. I need to buy more yarn though.
15. And apparently a new blow-dryer.
16. How is your handmade holiday coming along?
17. I'm hoping to offer you a little help with that.
18. Starting Monday!
19. More details coming Friday.
20. I have a lot of work to do between now and then.
21. Which is why you're getting a random post today.
22. We FINALLY caught a mouse last night.
23. Which is good.
24. Because they idea of the mouse at large was starting to wear on my nerves.
25. I was getting all twitchy and paranoid.
26. I'm sure there are more.
27. Nearly positive.
28. I've been profiling the mice I've spotted.
29. The one we've caught was light gray.
30. And I know I've seen a dark gray one.
31. Shiver.
32. Now I have to go to the store to buy a blow-dryer.
33. With hair that hasn't been blow-dried.
34. Shiver.
35. And hope that the UPS lady doesn't try to deliver my boots while I'm gone.
36. Fingers crossed.
37. Happy Wednesday!



Hannah said...

Wowza, Miranda! Those are some beautiful boots. I love them. Especially the Clarks. Hoping someday to own such a fancy pair myself. Good picks!

Hooray for a captured mouse. Hopefully you won't see any others.

April said...

I'm so glad you caught the mouse! or at least one of them....yuck.

I LOVE the first pair of boot, they are fabulous!!!

What kind/color of yarn do you need, maybe I can help a girl out :)

michelle said...

I'm jealous of your boots!

Hope the dark gray mouse turns up dead. Soon.

Tiffany said...

I hope you love your boots as much as I love the pictures of them.

P.S. Let's start an "athletic calves" club and refuse to let any spindly-legged skinny girls in.

Sarah said...

Oooh! I love both boots!
Better to have "athletic calves" then "too wide for my body calves"

Staci said...

I'm in love with those Clarks! Good choice.

Cassie said...

Love the boots Miranda especially the Clarks ones and I am now going to officially borrow your term 'athletic calves' for my future boot buying!!

dw said...

Ooh, yes yes yes to the Dansko boots. I had a very similar pair of black ones that died and I've mourned them for the past 4 years. *sniff*

Athletic calves, eh?

I have legs that my yoga teacher has dubbed (on more than one occasion) "tree trunks".

And apparently, my ancestors gifted me with "peasant musculature".

HA! How's THAT for athletic?!? I say TGFS (Thank Goodness For Stretch).

Pamski said...

I too loved the boots, in fact so much I order the Clarks too! I've been looking for boots FOREVER and have never found anything I like. I really loved these and since I'm already a huge Clark fan I decided to get them. Thanks for sharing.

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