04 November 2010

Up To


Today I will be,

:: baking bread
:: folding laundry while watching Season 3 of Project Runway
:: getting the yard ready for winter
:: working on my upcoming blog series.

Are all of these tiny hints getting you excited for the series? I sure hope so. Tune in tomorrow to hear all about it!

What are you up to today?



Charlotte said...

I recognize that centerpiece! Your day sounds like it's going to be exceptional!

Femme Facetious said...

I am...
- doing laundry before our trip to SLC
- contemplating baking something as well...probably muffins.
- eating a tomato and grilled cheese sandwich for lunch--or maybe two!
- scrubbing my bathroom floor with Mrs. Meyers and lamenting the fact that the builders chose such crappy linoleum that collects so much dirt that said floor actually needs *scrubbed*.

Jocelyn said...

Up to my eyeballs in laundry now that we are back from vacation...maybe I will take a break and bake something! I can't wait for the new mini series:-)

Rachel said...

I am up to trying to get something done around. And so far I am only succeeding in looking at blogs, sending out e-mails, checking my facebook. CURSE you computer!
Love ya Mandy, I am very curious about your next series!

Brian and Kendra said...

I just watched project runway for the first time this season! Loved it! Now I am ready to watch the earlier seasons!

michelle said...

Sounds like a perfect kind of day.

Kelli said...

I love those flowers. Last night we started reading Harry Potter, the first one.

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