13 December 2010

A few winners

Hello all!

There are a few winners of Handmade Holiday giveaways that I haven't heard from yet! I know, right?

The winner of The Organ Grinder's Wares giveaway was Sarah who said:

I tend to use table cloths and placemats, but I would love to have a runner!

The winner of The Modern Top-Down Knitting giveaway was Anna who said:

First on my list is to finish a scarf for my Mom and then everyone else is getting adorable lil knit corner bookmarks! This book is actually on my xmas list but it would be wonderful to win incase my Mom dosen't get it for me! hee hee

The winner of the More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts giveaway was Greeneyes who said:

Ohh, that wrapping photo has my attention!

Please email me within 48 hours to claim your winnings. Otherwise, new winners will be chosen!


1 comment:

michelle said...

happiness all around!

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