06 December 2010

Home Inspiration

A little glimpse at some of the home inspiration I have on my mind courtesy of ReadyMade and Martha.





01. Love the neutral gray + a bright green pop.

02. I want to walk across that rug in my bare feel all day long.

03. I would happily keep more books with shelves like that.

04. Grey + orange. I think you're sensing the gray obsession.

Today I'm off to Home Depot to pick up supplies for our big floor refinish project. Yep, we're totally DIY-ing it. Fingers crossed for us. I'll also be picking up every single paint chip they have in stock, and may or may not come home with an arm load of design magazines. Do you have a favorite?

After that, I'll be hanging out with Z-cakes. She's currently walking around the house in my shoes singing "stop working on the computer." Dang. It's time for a little quality time.

Happy Monday Everyone! Be sure to stop by tomorrow for another Handmade Holiday giveaway!




michelle said...

Looooove gray. Gray + green, gray + orange, gray + yellow... it's all good.

So many exciting decisions for you!

Cassie said...

Bless her!! Hope she got her way and had time with Mummy!

It is so exciting to have the whole house to think about! I would spend my whole time on Tumblr and Pinterest I think - have you tried Justine Taylor on both?

Femme Facetious said...

I too have an obsession with gray. In fact, last year I went on a "gray couch and chair, or bust" mission that resulted in at least one furniture set being taken back to the store after it was delivered, and a frantic unwrapping-assembling late-night IKEA project. So I understand. Good luck to you guys with your projects!

ps. I don't have any design magazines that I read regularly, as all the stuff I look at is mainly online...and mainly things you've mentioned. So great minds think alike I guess :)

Serin said...

ARGH! I could've sworn I commented on your big news, but I always wait to comment until I can see the pictures (stupid work computers) and then I forget. Anyway, So excited for you!! Since you said it wasn't a baby and I figured you weren't moving back here ;) I was hoping this was your news. How fun!

dw said...

As per usual, you have impeccable taste.

Not that I should be surprised.

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