10 December 2010

Well that was easy

Last year I decided that I wanted to start a collection of vintage Santa mugs like the ones Soulemama has. After a few months of unsuccessful searching I forgot all about it. Then when Rachel posted this yesterday, I remembered and realized that I hadn't even checked out any of the antique shops here in our new town. Z-cakes was spending the day at her grandma's house so I took that as a sign that the antiquing stars had aligned in my favor. I got in my car immediately and drove to "that one street that has all the antique stores on it."


I found these mugs in the first store I walked in to. Right by the front door. I was completely shocked. It was so easy! Too easy? I resisted the urge to buy every single mug and instead chose one for each member of our family. The prices ranged from $4.00 to $1.25. I chose two that were $1.25 and chose a smaller one for Z-cakes that is in beautiful condition and was $3.25.

I'm so happy with my new collection. I can't stop staring at it and telling people (who don't care) about it. I'm also pleased to have found such a great antique shop. I don't know why it has taken me so long to go there! Next on my list of vintage gimmies: a typewriter, glass milk bottles, enamel brooches. Hipster vintage, here I come.

A few more things:

:: I have so many things that I want to blog about. There are still Thanksgiving pictures to post; the cake and pictures of our house need to go up too. Unfortunately, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and posting will probably be light next week. Oh! But there will be a giveaway on Tuesday for sure. It's the last one in the Handmade Holiday series. You won't want to miss it. Trust me.

:: Don't forget to enter the current giveaway. It closes tonight! Also, be sure to check past giveaway posts to see if you've won.

:: A million, huge thanks to all of you who have commented, emailed, and texted me about the infertility post. Your love and concern is so humbling. Each of your comments has brought me to tears and have helped heal my heart. Thank you for constantly reminding me about why I blog. And of course, I will certainly keep you posted.

Happy Friday friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.



Sarah said...

Very cute! What a fun thing for the holidays. Let me know how hot chocolate tastes from sweet Santa's head :)

Gail said...

Awesome mugs!!! I've been searching for those for you all year, and haven't seen a one! I think maybe you need to take me to that store some day.

Rachel said...

Good Find! I can't wait to see pictures of your new house, how fun! We finally got the house sold, and are now houseless. It feels pretty good. But I like you, am just logging away all those great ideas for when we buy again!!!

Laurel said...

Those are adorable. My mom has one that's similar from her childhood. I should have her take a picture of it so I can show you.

Hannah said...

CUTE! I have snowmen mugs that I love. But...now I want to trade them in for Santa ones.

Mandy - I think you are amazing.

Staci said...

I think I have one of those mugs from when I was younger. If I do have it, I know right where it's at. If I locate it, it's yours!

Merry Christmas. I love you, Mand.

laurie b said...

my grandma used to have those little santa mugs. she would put salted peanuts in them as a place setting for Christmas eve dinner!

michelle said...

Oh, there's nothing like finding a good antique/thrift store! Imagine finding just what you were looking for!

paws said...


Cassie said...

Isn't it scary where the time is going - I have a load of posts saved in my drafts that I wanted to get up before Christmas but the chances of that happening are more and more slim.

I love the idea of collecting santa mugs - a fun thing to always look out for in stores too and yours really are handsome looking ones!

Hope your weekend is great.

Kimberlee said...

Make note... next time you go to "that one street that has all the antique stores on it" I wanna come.

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