27 January 2011

I forgot to title my last post

Hi friends.


Have I mentioned lately how much I love blogging?

Today my one and only goal is to clean the house. Because when you live the kind of disarray we have been living in it seems easy to forget that the toilet still needs cleaned and that our one rug needs vacuumed.

I love our house so much, but the messiness is slowly wearing on me. I'm working very hard to only think about the small areas that I have de-cluttered and organized rather than the million billion areas in which I have not. Oh! Like yesterday I figured out the perfect arrangement for that one shelf in that one cupboard. Oh but that felt good.

It's silly how many craft supplies I have. I mean, I'm a little embarrassed with myself. I have been doing some massive editing and am thinking about selling a few things on my stash right here on le blahg. I would love to hear if you are interested. Giant bag of grosgrain ribbon, anyone?

But I'm hoping that all of this editing will help me feel more inspired in my crafting. Only keeping the things that I truly love. Like, take my breath away love. Because I have that kind of love for some craft supplies (I'm horribly lame, I know). For example, certain ridiculously soft yarns and fabrics by my favorite lady.

I'm in between books right now and I'm flat out dying to read this one. Am I the only girl who will probably never tire of reading about all-things-wedding? No? Whew. That's a relief. Anyway, I can already highly recommend this book and I haven't even held it in my hands yet. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Wiggs is awesome.

I've been feeling lately like my blog is missing something. I don't know what. Like there is some level I should be taking things to and I'm just not getting there. This is about as far as my thoughts on the subject go. Deep stuff, I tell ya. If you happen to know what that one thingie is that I'm missing, you'll be sure to let me know now won't you?

I've been feeling restless lately. Does it show? Something about the disorganized home, lack of crafting, blog missing thingie is making me feel twitchy. Plus January. It has like, a million days.

In conclusion: this made my day. I hope it does the same for you.



Jocelyn said...

I think it is the January blahs...cause I think you and your blog are fab! I have been busy going through all my craft "stuff" too, and boy do I ever collect a lot. I have thrown out and sent to goodwill lots! Now to try to use up some before buying more...if they would just stop making cute supplies;-)

Cassie said...

Loving the new swanky hair Miranda - you look stunning!

January does indeed go on forever and ever doesn't it - once February hits I am sure we will all feel a little better.

And huge thank you for sharing that vid - absolutely gorgeous, especially near the end where she yawns and sings, so cute!

Charlotte said...

Seriously. January is really just 31 Mondays all strung together, I swear.

And I would totally go for a giant bag of grosgrain ribbon.

And I think your blog is 100-percent wonderful already. FYI.

April said...

I know you hate January....does it help that that picture of you is FABULOUS? I mean really. you are freakin' beautiful.

I always welcome more ribbon into my life.

btw: if you front the airfare, Ella and I will come right now and organize and clean that new house of yours. That would make you feel better.... :)

I also think your blog is great just the way it is.

The Hungry Crafter said...

Just wanted to leave a comment to let you know that I can totally relate -- you are not alone! I know it's January blahs for me, but I can't seem to motivate to clean, or be productive, and I'm annoyed with my blog... I've had a post 7/8th complete in my drafts folder for 3 weeks now and can't make myself finish -- DOH! :) Brighter, warmer days are coming soon...
And I'd be right there on that grosgrain bandwagon too. Yummy.

Kimberlee said...

I watched the video once and successfully fought the tears, then watched it again and bawled. Like alot. I'm such a sap. Thanks for sharing.

And your blog isn't missing a beat. Not one thing.

Hannah said...

Your blog is absolutely perfect.

I love every word, recommendation and picture.

Serin said...

That picture of you = Wow!! Seriously, you are looking HOT. And it just made me miss you more. I so wish I could help you with your house, it's so satisfying to get the last box put away (or at least out of sight!)

michelle said...

1. Your only goal is to clean the house?? Like, the whole house? Because there's no way I could do that in one day. Just saying.

2. Fab photo of you.

3. That video was darling. Eva and I watched it together. And then she asked why there aren't videos of her singing there...

4. I never used to think I hated January, but this year I kind of do.

Deidra said...

We've been in our house since August and just this past week I've figured out how to efficiently use some cupboard space. I think it just takes a while for our stuff to settle in and find a home that works well. That, and maybe a "make way for baby amongst all this junk!" But we'll go with needing time to make it all work.

Ben said...

I love that song... too bad the rest of the magnetic zeros songs suck so bad.

Ben said...

Also: Jack Approves

Sarah said...

Just want to say - I LOVE your hair. That's all.

catherine said...

1. I LOVE that song.
2. That video did totally make my day. Thanks!

jt said...

I suppose I am lame because I have never heard of the Magnetic Zeros, although I do have good taste in music.
I love that video. I love dads. I love acoustic guitars. I love when they are singing the chorus and she is smiling and looking at her dad while she sings.
I love your blog, and agree with the consensus that you look great in that photo. And in real life.

And I do not approve of my word verification: 'pubrat'.

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