07 February 2011

Guest Posting

Today you can find me over at Kami's fabulous blog, No Biggie.


Kami's blog is always inspiring and fun. I love reading about her great quick tips and cute as a button paper crafts. Today I wanted to show you what I've been doing to make our house a bit more Valentine-y. Here's a hint:


Head on over to No Biggie to check it out! Happy Monday everyone!



Hannah said...

This is amazingly cute. French knots are my favorite.

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

Thank you Miranda, for being my guest today. Your wall is adorable! some day...some day...:)

michelle said...

Darling! I haven't put up any valentine's decor yet...

Cassie said...

They are fantastic Miranda - I spent ages looking at hoops and various sizes just this weekend on ebay because I have an ever growing list of ideas to use them. Yours has also been added to said list!

Hope your weekend was great.

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