09 February 2011

I do have more to say, shocking I know.

Here's the thing.


I'm finding that if I want to write anything of substance on le blahg, I have to do it at night after Z-cakes goes to bed. You didn't really think that I was up in the wee hours of the morn writing posts to be published before 6:00 AM did you? Nooooooooo, no no. Umm, no. I write my posts late and schedule them for the mornings.

Except sometimes I don't.

Because I'm also a big fan of procrastination. And sometimes I go ahead and let myself think, "I'll write that post in the morning." And apparently I'm an excellent liar because, I believe myself. Honestly, you think I would have lost my trust by now.

I want to give you details about the Epic Cake. And I want to tell you about my motivation behind Crafternoon. But instead I'm going to ask you to get a load of my adorable family (see picture above) and those piggie pajamies that absolutely kill me with their soft pink heavenliness. Then I'm going to hit publish and go hang out with Z-cakes and bake this bread. Because I've been itching to bake and was trying to think of something sweet to make when I realized that all I really want is homemade bread. In the desperate kind of "all I've ever wanted is homemade bread!" kind of way.

I'll see you all tomorrow. Especially you knitters and friends of knitters, I have a giveaway for you!




michelle said...

I love jammies like that, all the better for snuggling. And now I have to make that bread! I love oatmeal so much.

Kari said...

looks so cozy...

Kimberlee said...

Z must have just gotten out of the bath. Her hair looks super dooper curly. Adorable picture.

catherine said...

ooohhh.. I've made this bread. And it is delicious :-)

Rachel said...

Your family is very adorable, I would hang out with them too if I lived a little closer :) We have those same jammies, and they are so squishy I love them. I hope you had fun hanging out and making bread, sounds great to me!

Christina said...

Some days most definitely call for homemade bread. Glad you found time to indulge in the process and the product!

jt said...

So cute. My girls have matching fleece footie pajamas with elephants.
I am an excellent liar myself.

Cassie said...

I think I might have mentioned it before when I clapped my eyes on them, but I adore those pj's!!

Also I too convince myself into lies like that - and have done just that this week. I promised to post everyday, of course I haven't and now feel bad - why do we do it?!

Hope you have a great weekend.

dw said...

Question: were you even in the room when Z-cakes was conceived? 'Cause I gotta say, from where I'm sittin', that photo proves that the answer is an emphatic NO.

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