05 April 2011

Have I got news for you

Should we get chickens?


Should we mail order them or just get them at Cal Ranch?

Maybe we shouldn't get chickens this year?

It can't be that hard, right? We should just get chickens.

Should we wait until we can get a permit?

Are we going to get chickens or WHAT?????




Please welcome: Archie (
Wyandotte), Tulip (Rhode Island Red), Beulah (Ameraucana), and Leone (Ameraucana).

Holy crap you guys we have chickens!



Julie@Contemporary Pluss Creations said...

Yay! I'm excited to hear more details on the chicks, and I'm super glad you are back blogging.

2littlehooligans said...

aren't they cute?! too bad they don't stay that way too long. we just placed our order for layers and broilers. oh the kiddo's can't wait! what is this with a permit? don't tell me you need one to have chickens.

Hannah said...

CUTE! Oh my goodness! I bet your little girl is loving it.

R. Pyper said...

I'll be Z-cakes is going crazy! I'm so jealous of you. :) Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Kimberlee said...

That picture of the our little trio and the chickens is so cute. We need to make our way back over to visit the chics. And I can't wait to see the coop. xoxo

Rachel said...

Oh boy! Sounds like an adventure, I am excited to hear how it goes!!! I loved having chickens as a little girl, and when my mom and dad had them it was so fun for Lucy to go and collect the eggs. I think it is awesome. Someday i will be cool enough to have my own chickens!

Lee Currie said...

This should be quite the adventure. My kids would love it! I'll live vicariously through you, instead :)

Katharina said...

Ha! So fun. They are mostly cute little beasties. (I used to work at a pet/garden/feed store, and I hated cleaning up their poo-riddled shavings.) One of my co-workers has a chickie named Mother Clucker. Makes me grin.

laurie said...

i would love to have chickens!!! i can't wait to read all about them in your blog.

Serin said...

Oh. my. gosh! Those are so cute! I hope you love them and that they are fruitful!

Emmylou said...

You are livin' the dream now!!

paws said...

Holy crap! You have chickens! Soulemama has been rubbing off on you, I see. Next you'll be tapping your trees. ;)

Really, though, I think it's pretty cool.

Staci said...

I suppose I'm not getting chickens because of the two dogs in my back yard.

I have a love/hate thing with chicks - I loved going to Grandpa & Grandma's when the chicks were in the coop with the incubators. I loved going in there to feed them.

But I hated those chickens when Grandma didn't come to my high school graduation because of them.

Something I should probably get over since it's been so long since high school, and grandma and those chicks are all gone.

Can't wait to hear how you do with warm eggs.

michelle said...

Those are some seriously cute chicks.

shopgirl said...

Sounds like a great idea to get chicks if you have the space and time to take care of them. Getting fresh eggs is definitely better than getting them from the market. I'm sure the kids would love it too.

Erica said...

We love our chickens! Let me rephrase...we love our chicken, singular. We started with six. Four ended up growing into roosters, so they "went to live in the country." :) (so we told Chase.) Then we had Doofus and Rhoadie. Sadly Doofus flew over our fence about a month ago when Scott was working in the yard and Chase and Scott couldn't find him. Poor Doofus... We're getting more chicks in a few weeks!

Jaime said...

Ahhh! so awesome. ;) I want some.

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