25 May 2011

So. You know. Stuff.

This week by some crazy random happenstance I've gone and become a speech pathologist again. A dear friend of mine needed a little vacation so for the next two weeks I am doing therapy via the internet because you guys, the internet is amazing. As if I have to tell you that, right?

While I am working my articulation magic, my little #1 is off visiting her grandparents. Can you imagine? An entire week without my child at home? I spent days imagining all the things I would get done before and after work. I daresay I assumed I would be able to decorate the entire house in four short days! Clean the bathroom! Paint the living room! Save lives!

Here's how Monday (which was a half day of work) went down:

7:30—wake up
eat breakfast
get ready
do laundry
load dishwasher
sweep living room
clean bedroom
fold laundry
read blogs
write emails

And by the time I got all that done it was....9:30.

What? I got all of that done in 2 hours? Holy Crap! The world is mine! I am so PRODUCTIVE!

And then, here's what happened: I quit. I stopped getting stuff done because honestly? I could not think of a single thing to do. The house was too quiet. I had done too much in a two-hour stretch. It's like I had overloaded my capacity for accomplishment for one day and I was just done. Suddenly, I was B.O.R.E.D.

My dearest Z-cakes,

I love you. And even though you decrease my productivity exponentially when you are around, it is totally worth it to hear your tiny voice singing and your little feet clip clopping around in your princess shoes all the live long day. Have fun at grandma's and then come home and hang out with me. You are my favorite.





michelle said...

Okay. 1. That photo is the cutest thing I've ever seen. sigh.

2. That letter is the other cutest thing I've ever seen.

3. I am never bored. Ever. There are too many books to read, knitting projects, quilts to make, naps to take, pins to pin, etc. But. I know what you mean.

Hil said...

I totally know what you mean. My mom took Little Guy for a week last October and I was so excited to get my house all ready and have time to do things that I don't normally have time for. Instead I was just a basket case and missed him way too much. Thank heaven's for skype!

Enjoy the time though, and go on a hot date with N8tron every night this week. Free babysitters are the best. :)

Kimberlee said...

Oh how I love this post {and that picture} because there are days that I think the same thing....if only I had a few minutes without the kids. I'm afraid if it ever happened I would be bored too. But those two hours of productivity would be nice. :) Anyway, good luck saving lives.

noisy penguin said...

Love the picture. Also, Bill and Gail took the kids up to Fallbrook on Saturday and I was amazed at my productivity. I stocked up on supplies from three stores in under two hours. I scrubbed down the entire bathroom. I cleaned all the ill-fitting clothes out of the kids' closet. I got several hours of transcription done. Lorne and I went on a date. It was amazing. But then on Sunday I was all, "Okay, I'm bored now."

Jocelyn said...

ok, I totally agree...cutest pic ever of you guys!!!! I love instagram too...such a fun app to play with! And you got all that done in 2 hours...I must be SLOW...or it is possible I like to sit too long at the computer web surfing:-) Enjoy your quiet time!!!

Charlotte said...

That picture is the cutest and beautiful-est (I can't believe I typed that, but I mean it). I hope you find some good ways to fill the quiet time and that you and Z-cakes have a happy reunion!

paws said...

Love this! And I know the feeling(s).

Katharina said...

Your lipstick in the photo is bee-yoo-tiful.

Serin said...

So. You know. I STILL can't see your pictures at work but I'm done with that job next Tues so hopefully I'll get back in the habit of posting right when I read! Super cute picture! Sorry you miss your baby, hope she's back in your arms soon!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

What a sweet post!

I know what you mean though. Soooo productive without the kids around, but then what!?

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