01 June 2011

The Time, It Flies

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit!

I had to pop in here this afternoon to wish all of you a happy June. Did you know that we have lived in Idaho for an entire year? How can that be? On May 26th last year we pulled away from our beloved duplex in Denver and headed to Idaho. On June 1st, N8tr0n started his new job. A few months later we bought our first house, and a few months after that N8tr0n started a new new job. And now? Right now all is right with the world.

There are definitely times when I still miss Denver and the many friends that we had there. But the gravitational pull that Denver had on my heart when we were driving away has loosened and Idaho is feeling more like home everyday. That's not to say that I couldn't still go for some Chipotle. Or Sweet Action. Or Good Times. Or Tokyo Joes. Anyway.

I am done with work for the day. My first order of business is to go outside. If I have learned anything from this spring it has to fill my nice weather canteen whenever I can because the clouds are probably rolling in in about an hour. Maybe this is what it feels like to live in the moment?

A chicken update is on the way. Thanks for the request. I'm also throwing a shower with my friend Jen this Saturday so be prepared for a picture heavy party post. Aaaaaand I'll be sure to share the mix I'm putting together for the drive to Jen's house! Yay!

Happy June Friends. Go enjoy the sunshine if you can.



Christina said...

A year definitely feels like a milestone in a new location. Glad you're feeling more settled into your new home.

Happy June to you, Miranda! Have a fun weekend- can't wait for fun party details from your creative self!

Kimberlee said...

No way! Has it really been a year?!

Can't wait to see what you and Jen came up with.

Hannah said...

It is funny how many people exclaimed "Rabbit Rabbit!" today. I haven't heard that for a while...

And, wow! A year? I can hardly believe it. It is amazing how much can change in such short time.

michelle said...

A year already?! A very momentous year. I'm so glad that your new home is starting to feel like home.

Jen said...

What?! It has been a year?

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