19 September 2011

You can blame Annily

The lovely Annilygreen first clued me in on the completely awesome Fab.com. I'll save you the long-winded explanation of why I love it so much and just say: I am a big fan. Even though 95% of the time I don't buy anything, I still love looking at all of the pretty designs.


Aaaaaanywho. This post is to let you all know that if you join Fab.com through this link: http://fab.com/h2tabt before 7:52 PM, EST tomorrow (that means you have 24 hours) you will get a $10 credit. Wahoo! You're welcome, friends.


1 comment:

noisy penguin said...

I bought a kitchen scale that is far too beautiful for my ugly '70s student housing kitchen. I've been needing one forever. There were, like, 30 other things I could have bought though. Everything is so pretty.

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