10 September 2012

An abridged update

Friends!  Hello!  How are you?  I've missed you!

So here's the deal:  This morning I started writing a post about what's happening with us lately.  But about half an hour into writing I was exhausted.  There's so much to say.  There's way too many words to edit, and it's definitely an emotionally loaded topic.  I realized that mostly what I wanted to do is say hello and check in with all of you, and to somehow break the ice again with this blogging thing.  Here's the quick version of what has been going on with details to come when I have the energy. 

In May Nate lost his job.
Three weeks later he accepted a new job (thank goodness!).
In Oregon.
We rented out our house in Pocatello.
We packed up our belongings and put a lot of them in my dad's shop in Burley.
We moved into a two bedroom apartment.
We live in Oregon now.
I have not been happy about any part of this.
Wait.  Except for the part where Nate quickly got a new job.  I was happy about that.
But the rest of it?  No.  Heartbroken would be a better word for it.

See what I mean about emotionally loaded?  I mean, I started writing this post as a shortened version and it is still taking me forever!  I miss Pocatello fiercely, but I'm doing my best to make this our new home.  Sometimes I succeed.  

On a happy note we'll be welcoming a new baby into our family in a few short weeks!  See?


Per a dear friend's request, photographic evidence that I am indeed having a baby.  Of course this picture was taken in July but let's just pretend this is still what I look like, okay?  Okay.

Also, see that large body of water behind us?  That's the ocean.  Our new home is about 40 minutes away from the coast which apparently a lot of people are into.  So, you know, there's that.

Okay so, this has been fun!  Writing a blog again that is.  Please take a second to say hello if you're still here and thanks for your emails and facebook notes reminding me exactly why I write on this silly little space.  You dudes are the best.


noisy penguin said...

I'm always here (in a non creepy way).

Serin said...

Hey! I miss you! I'm so sorry that you have to deal with all that crap when you should just be able to focus on your little-bitty coming.

I think about you often, sending happy vibes your way :)

Carlee Tulett said...

Well, I wish you were closer (because he hung out that one time...) but, Oregon is awesome too! And I'm sooooo happy to hear you're having a baby! Woohoo! A boy even. Seriously, brace yourself! I understand the "emotionally charged" part of moving. The thought of moving back to Seattle gives me the nervous poops! BUT I dug my heels in all the way to Utah too and now I love it! So, what I'm saying is...it sucks, but it will get better! This is kind of a personal question, so feel free to ignore it, but are you doing a vbac? Just curious! I miss my leg twin!!!


A 'n D said...

you are FABULOUS & i am so so glad you blog...even when i don't get to read or respond for months & months...ahem.
excited to read & see more AND hear about sweet babers post-arrival!!!
good luck with the transition & HOLLA to new nearly coastal living...i am jealous :o) (while at the same time being totally sympathetic to the stress of leaving, i'd feel exactly.the.same.way in your shoes)


Wiggs (The Beholder) said...

Yay! You're back. I know moving sucks, but Oregon is lovely, no? I'm dying to get back to the coast one of these days...at least you're closer to the in-laws...?

You have an ADORABLE bump, by the way.

Hannah said...

I've been thinking about you and your new home in Oregon. It's one of Jason's dream home locations. I hear it is lovely, though I've never been to those north west states.

Yay for babies. And new adventures.

Gail said...

Although I totally understand your feelings, Miranda, Wiggs' comment reminds me of how happy we are to have you closer. Love you!!

Emily Zarbock said...

Hiya! I'm happy to see and read your update. I love seeing your pics show up in my Instagram feed. I can't wait to hear more about OR and moving. I am a little anxious about the prospect of moving employment's sake when Johnny graduates. I'll be coming to you for advice/consolation if (when) the time comes.

April said...

I miss you I miss you and you are so awesome. I am mostly excited that someday I will get to see the Oregon coast. I can't wait to see what this new little man looks like!! Love you!

Sydnee said...

You look so dang cute! I'm not a fan of moving either and hope we don't have to any time soon. Oregon is so cool...I just barely went there last September for the first time. I hope you settle in quickly and enjoy your new little bundle!


Julie said...

I'm still following along. Love it when you post! Sorry to hear about all the job/moving stuff. My husband and I just moved to a new state, 5 hours away, left my family behind...about 1 year ago now. The first year sucks, but it's getting better now! We love our new city & state :)

Can't wait to hear about your new little one.

Chalet said...

So happy for your upcoming arrival! Congrats!

michelle said...

HOLD ON! How do you know Carlee Tulett?? Because she lives kitty corner behind me!

Ok. Now that that's out of the way. I'm so glad to hear from you. Moving is hellish, no two ways about that, and it's even worse when you're pregnant.

My grandma used to say that you can love anywhere you live, and you might as well. I have remembered that many many times. She is known for her good advice!

I'll be sending good wishes your way.

Femme Facetious said...


I was wondering about the whole job thing, cause...yeah. My BIL was in the same boat on that one and they're *still* in Poky.

I am so happy about Nate's job though, and about the new little one on the way!

Oregon is awesome. For serious. Even though you were just getting your sea legs in Pocatello and then subsequently uprooted. In a couple years, you will never ever want to leave Oregon, ever. It is my dream state. (maybe I'm just jealous in all this ranting :)

I love your hair as well.

It will get better. One day you will wake up and it will just *be* better.

Thinking of you,

dandee said...

My goodness. Moving, a new job, that's not fun stuff to deal with while pregnant! Hopefully you're feeling well and settling right in to your new life- just in time to welcome a new life.

So excited for you! xo.

Katharina said...

Hello again, dear girl!

Welcome to Oregon. I cried when we moved here. Sobbed. Sulked. Determined that I would not find one good thing. But there's that awesome quality found in time--the tendency to smooth the jagged edges.
Give it some time.

When you come to Portland, please let me know! When I come your direction, I'll be looking you up. Until then, hugs are being sent your way.


Jaime said...

Holy crap that's a great picture of you guys at the ocean. I'm jealous. Crazy jealous at the moment actually. Wish you were here--Tyler's in Boise for a month. My chicks are getting so big and always make me think of you. I have an itty bitty beanie that is coming along nicely. :)I've decided I'll try to finish it this week while watching the Pride and Prejudice mini series. Want to come on over? Hope the next few weeks go well and welcoming baby Walker. :)

paws said...

I'm still following! I'm preparing a package for you. It's been delayed due to the expected addition of one or two surprises.

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