14 November 2012

ten. eleven. twelve.

Dear blog,

I have someone very special for you to meet (finally!).

Welcome to the spinning world Mr. Cedar Nathan Walker!
{Six hours old, in mama's arms for the first time!}

Lovely love my family.
{With proud daddy and smitten big sister, Azalea.}

80 hrs. old
{At home, three days old}

Hi Cedar.
{Hello, beautiful.}

Sweet baby head
{Sweet baby head.}

Three week old Cedar!
{three weeks old}

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Little Cedar joined our family on October 11, 2012, and you know what?  He fits right in.

I've been spending the last three weeks writing blog posts in my head about what it is like to have Cedar around.  Trying to come up with the words to describe the feel of a newborn's head against your cheek.  Composing lines about the crazy cycle of feeding, changing, swaddling, napping, eating, showering, and repeating.  Considering complaining about how nursing hurts like the dickens but is somehow bearable and seems to be getting better. And wondering how to explain this weird thing that Cedar does where he eats, gets swaddled, and then falls asleep? Can you even imagine?  Honestly sometimes it has me stumped.  You should also hear about the way Azalea loves her little brother; especially the way she talks to him as if he is the same age as her, and the way she rushes over to show him something important whenever he opens his eyes.

I guess what I'm trying to say is...my heart is terribly full, and words really don't do this mom gig justice.

Until next time friends,



Laynie said...

He's perfect. Congratulations friend! Give his baby soft head an extra nuzzle for me. xo -Micalena

Allanna said...


He's way cute. And I don't say that about just any baby, mind you. ^_^

Hope that you're getting enough rest! If you need anything, give me a holler! ^_^

Hannah said...

He is beautiful, Mandy! I got a little teary looking at the pictures of him. Little boys are so sweet. Give him a kiss from me.

Staci said...

Hah! He's got Grandpa Ken's chin! That b&w one shows it off perfectly! Too adorable! Love you all!

Jaime said...

Ah! what a handsome little boy! I've been blog-stalking you--waiting for pictures, so thank you for obliging. :) glad to know that the nursing is bearable...keeping my fingers crossed.

Jason & Makenna said...

He is seriously sooo cute. What a perfect little face! I'm loving the name and it goes so well with his big sisters. I am seriously dreading the beginning of nursing in a few weeks. The first month is always torture! Something I don't think any woman who's done it ever forgets. :) Good thing they're so stinkin' adorable. Congratulations!

Charlotte said...

He's just perfect. And you're right--those first few weeks of nursing are really hard. Like, I left the hospital with blood blisters kind of hard. Now, though, it's great, and I wouldn't trade it for anything! I'm just so, so glad that Cedar is in your family and that he fits right in. That's the perfect phrase to use for babes.

A 'n D said...

i really really really have never ever been baby hungry - but you articulated so beautifully the amazing beginnings of a life i am perhaps a bit wistful... :o) (5 minutes in the laundry room & at a chaotic mealtime or weeknite chauffering may dial that back, tho...ha)

camillewells said...

You have the post beautiful family! Congrats! It was so good to see you guys this weekend.

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